Small animals are a big problem for most homes. Keep them off your roof by keeping them away from your roof. Here are a few ways to keep small animals from having platforms and any way up.

Install a Drip Edge

Drip edges are pieces of metal that slide under your shingles and hang over the fascia. It helps water drain into your gutters and keep squirrels off your roof by having no direct path to your roof. You can have a drip edge installed without any roof replacement.

Trim Trees and Branches

By removing trees and branches near your home. Squirrels will climb tree branches and jump on your roof. Any tree or branch within eight feet between your trees and roof should be removed. If they're thick, ask a tree expert to help remove the branches or trees near your home.

Roof Inspections

Have experts inspect your roof and check for any weak and cracked shingles. Squirrels will lift up, eat through your asphalt shingles, and find a path through your attic and into your rooms. Your roofers can inspect and replace damaged shingles. You can prevent squirrels from entering and potential water damage.

Gutter Cleaning

Gutters and downspouts become squirrel nests if they're clogged with debris and leaves. Furthermore, cleaning your gutters and adding gutter guards remove all clogs that trap water and cause water backflow. Aside from squirrels, birds and rats might nest inside your gutter, eat through your soffit and fascia, and enter your attic into your home. 

Exterior Sealing

All openings into your home become an entryway for squirrels and small animals. Remove birds from your chimney by using a special chimney cap to seal it. Seal your sidings, and have them checked by siding experts (or let them do the work).

How to Remove Squirrels From Your Roof

Locate the Nest

Squirrels in your attic will nest inside your attic. Remove all clutter to keep them off from your attic. Nests in your attic can look like cardboard piles, leaves, and torn insulation. Check for any attic damage and have your roofers fix it.

Seal Attic Openings

Prevent nests in the first place by sealing any entry point and hole in your attic. You can use wire or caulking to seal the holes. Alternatively, you can contact roofers to perform the attic sealing for you. Contact animal control to remove any squirrels in your attic.

Use One-Way Cage Doors

A one-way cage door can catch the squirrels when they try to exit the attic. You can use a special cage to trap them inside and relocate them or contact animal control for help. That said, you can ask animal control to help trap and keep squirrels away.

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