Sturdy, plain high-sloped roofs that look beautiful from the curb are always an excellent choice. It ensures homeowners will have a home that survives the most extreme weather conditions. However, your residential roof doesn't have to be a boring gable or hip roof shape. You can try these six cool roofing ideas. These might require significant investment, but they can achieve exceptional functionality and dependability for your property.

Roof Terrace

Most good cool roofing ideas use a flat roofing surface. If you've reconstructed the structure using high-quality roofers and builders, you can make a terrace as your property's elevated patio for dining outside or lunches with your family. 

Roofers will assess your roof's capacity to withstand the terrace's weight. Then, they would consider the areas of light and shadow for your property. Lastly, you can put the furniture, greenery, and other accessories you need to finish your terrace on the roof.

Roof Garden

A full-on roof garden always looks beautiful. This is the ideal yard space for properties with zero yard space to have a garden that smells nice and looks great during any season. You won't even have to worry about slugs and snails coming from the ground. 

Once you've chosen the plants for your garden, you can select or build containers for them. Your roofers might recommend soil and wind blocks to protect your plants, keep them growing, and have extra protection against birds and other destructive insects.

Bird Feed Posts

Birds will flock to your roofs and keep themselves safe from the neighborhood's most active and preying cats. Having birds on your roof sounds dangerous, but it will be safe as long as the feed posts keep the birds interested. Because drilling and long constructions involve altering your roof material, we strongly recommend working with reputable roofers experienced in installing bird feed posts and other roof structures.


These are mostly compatible with flat roofs because they'll have a stable space to stand in, and pergolas require professional roofers with experience installing roofing structures. Most pergola manufacturers can give you a breakdown of the measurements, weight, and density of the material and components your pergola needs for your roof. These will help your roofers build your pergola properly on your flat roofs.

Swimming Pool

Swimming pools might sound a bit extra, but they're excellent for homes in tropical weather or situated seaside. These work well with pergolas that provide shade and UV protection. Flat-roofed residences can have swimming pools on them, but a few factors require full attention before this can happen. For example, the building must support the swimming pool's structural and water weight. Doing this is much more crucial if your property has aged a few decades before this project.

Loft Conversion

Lofts maximize your roof space and give you an extra bedroom or playroom. You'll need an excellent ceiling and attic space to achieve a loft conversion. Then, you can consider using beadboard paneling or well-placed molding to give your room a classic Western look.

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