Gutters protect your property in many ways. This small, barely-noticeable system catches rain runoff from your roof and leads the water to your downspouts. Torrents of rainwater can destroy your gardens and yards by saturating them with water. Plus, too much water in the yard will cause high levels of basement humidity that cause damage to your basement.

If you don't maintain your gutters, you can experience these other issues.

Water Overflow

Overflowing water from the gutters can fall in front of your doorstep and yard or soak and damage your fascia, sheathing, and rafters due to water infiltration. These wooden components can feed mold that has grown from excess humidity and weaken their integrity due to rotting. 

Interior Drywall Damage

Leaking water from the attic will start dripping down your drywalls. It will cause damage to your drywalls by weakening them. 

The presence of moisture in your interiors increases the risk of mold growth, which will cause damage to drywalls further and will degrade your indoor air quality.

Insulation Replacement

Gutter overflow causes attic leaks that will cause water damage to sheathing, rafters, and insulation materials. Absorbent insulation will become wet and feed colonizing molds that cause damage. If you see tattered and torn insulation in the attic and between drywalls, replace them to maintain your property's energy efficiency.

Signs That You Have Gutter Problems

You may have gutter problems if you have encountered the following.

Clogged Gutters

Clear gutters ensure your roof won't suffer from leaks and extensive damage during intense rains. Clogged gutters are blocked by leaves and caked debris. You can hire gutter experts to use augurs to remove the dirt and debris inside. Furthermore, they can remove downspout sections and clear any clogs inside of them.


Clogged gutters left unattended for a few months to a year will cause the water to weigh down and deform the section. Its loose hangers will pull out and start to dislodge the gutter section from its position. Your roofers can re-tighten the hangers, but the bent gutter can cause a difference in hanger spacing, making it difficult to repair.

Holes and Leaks

Gutter holes might look harmless because they won't cause overflowing, but they will saturate your yard with moisture and affect your basement's concrete foundations. Your roofers can use temporary solutions, such as gutter sealant to seal the holes. They can also check for leaky seams and seal them too. However, we strongly recommend replacing the entire system with seamless gutters for a long-term and leak-proof gutter system

Gutter Deformations

Heavy rain can deform gutters by weighing them down. On the other hand, they can suffer from wind damage during hurricanes with gale-force winds. You may need to replace your gutters if the system is beyond repair due to deformations, loose hangers, and other structural issues.

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