Roofs must look great and function efficiently. A functional roof can look beautiful and appealing. Fortunately, numerous manufacturers always keep these two principles in mind. Still, homeowners can mess it up with the wrong combination of trim and siding color. While it doesn't seem like a huge issue because buyers will still want an excellent roof, its aesthetic should always be a huge consideration.

Here are several reasons why the color, shape, and texture of your roof play a huge role in the property's overall appeal.

Considerations for Looks

A property with excellent siding, trim, and roof color considerations always fetch a high offer from buyers. Buyers want a good roof, but it should look great, sophisticated, and never tiring to look at. Furthermore, a good-looking home's exterior photos are easy to market and find qualified leads.

Here are several considerations for your roof replacement's aesthetics.

Match Environment

Your roofs should match the existing color of your trims, siding, and local environment. For instance, if there are plenty of distant trees, a high-contrast color against leaf green or wood brown can make your property stand out. Choosing the best ones to match your local environment can be tricky, so call your roofer for the best environmental match.

The Perfect Angle

New roofs always make your property look great. Buyers trust homeowners who have replaced their roofs before selling than otherwise. Moreover, you can't take good photos of an aged roof with cracks and splits clearly showing themselves in every shot. 

Realtors can brief you if your existing roof material finds qualified leads. Reliable ones have a network of qualified leads looking for homes with new roofs and are willing to pay a high price for a hassle-free property purchase.

Product Variety

Many top-notch roofing material manufacturers always have a collection of textures that go well with any siding, trim, and environmental color combination. Fortunately, a certified roofing contractor can give you their suggestions and install this roof with full manufacturer warranties. You can also ask them for the best options suitable for your property.

Considerations for Function

A balance between function and aesthetics is a good roofing investment. A roof solely for aesthetics and with no functional capabilities will have a short lifespan. Here are several considerations for a function-oriented roof.

Exterior and Interior Protection

High-quality roofs must look good and provide top-notch protection. It must protect the sheathing, rafters, and underlayment of your roof and drain rainwater to your gutters without causing any leaks. Furthermore, excellent asphalt shingles will protect your home against the entry of heat and UV rays.

Energy Saving

High-quality roofing materials will help lower your heating and cooling costs. Light-colored roofs reflect sun rays, while dark-colored materials help preserve and retain heat. The material you'll use may depend on your local weather condition.

You can count on SJ Winn Construction to provide excellent roofing aesthetic and functional recommendations for your home. Call us today to learn more about our products and services.

A beautiful roof is easy on the eyes and makes the home much more photogenic. It shows buyers you guarantee a smooth transition when they buy your property. Furthermore, they have confidence that your home will protect them from long-term extreme weather damage.

Understandably, many homeowners forgo fixing their roofs because it costs a fortune, but the returns are undeniably exceptional. You can quickly sell your home, and your realtors can quickly find you leads. Furthermore, buyers would bookmark your property because it looks great.

Here are five benefits of fixing your roof before selling the property.

Reduced Negotiation Costs

Buyers won't find a newly replaced roof questionable. For example, a new GAF roof system has a 20-30 year lifespan guarantee. Moreover, it would ensure top-notch protection against the elements if a GAF Master Elite roofing company installed.

SJ Winn Construction is a GAF Master Elite company with decades of experience installing the manufacturer's products. The roofs we've installed in your neighborhood last for decades and protect them against extensive storm damage.

Quick-Pass Building Inspections

You'll easily pass a building inspector's requirements with a high-quality system. For example, GAF's algae-resistant system will make your roof last for decades because it won't incur mold and water damage like the manufacturer's average roofing materials.

Building inspections determine if a buyer will push through with their deal with you. If a building inspector deems your property dilapidated and due for demolition, buyers may pull out or negotiate a lower price because they have the upper hand.

Easier Marketing

A new roof has a vibrant color that grabs the attention of potential buyers. A photogenic property is easily noticeable in digital and realtor listings. Buyers may quickly bookmark your home with a new roof as a potential property to buy.

Property marketing relies on images and photos of the interior and exterior. Many homeowners renovate their kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms, and bathrooms to increase their property prices. Successful realtors who have sold refurbished properties highly recommend replacing the roof for easier marketing and finding qualified leads.

Find Better and More Qualified Leads

You want sure buyers with the means to pay for your home. By highlighting you had a new roof replacement, you'll reach more qualified buyers willing to look through and offer a sum for your home. Furthermore, they'll appreciate that the roof can protect them for decades from snow, hail, and rainstorms.

Every village and subdivision has a different set of qualified leads. Affluent villages typically appreciate more interior and exterior renovations. On the other hand, middle-income and low-income neighborhoods have their respective target clients. Catering to their need will help you find buyers willing to purchase your home.

Pass Financing Quickly

Banks and creditors will finance homes that they believe will increase in value over time. A home with a new roof and quality-of-life improvements receive financing quickly. Buyers have more courage to buy a property with an assured financial institution that can quickly help them.

If you need high-quality roof inspections and replacements, you can count on SJ Winn Construction's experienced and well-equipped roofers. We've taken care of and continue to help homes in your area with our top-tier roofing services. Call us today to set an appointment.

Asphalt shingle roofs become ripped and wavy over time. As they age, the composite materials curl and split, creating a wavy appearance. Asphalt shingles within five to eight years of protection will have suffered from wavy or rippled asphalt shingle roofs. 

You might find it odd that asphalt shingle roofs also turn wavy and rippled when newly installed. The shingles must settle next to each other, lie flat, and look consistent in a week. Otherwise, call a roofer to evaluate its condition.

Here are five reasons why your asphalt shingle is wavy or rippled.

Change of Seasons

Asphalt shingles remain in excellent shape during the first weeks of spring and summer. The stable temperatures will ensure your shingles have the manufacturer's prerequisite sizes before installation.

During hot summers, asphalt shingles will expand. Roofers will have to adjust spacing due to the expanded shingle size. Winter can shrink and contract the shingles and make traversal challenging for roofers due to the slippery surface and chilly weather.

Damage Due to Wind

Roofs become wavy and rippled due to hurricanes, tornadoes, and storms with strong winds. They can push against its edges and curl it up or down from the middle.

Rippled shingles can happen when your installation team uses the wrong nails. Manufacturer-issued nails are long and dig through the underlayment and sheathing. Incorrect nailing will loosen or dislodge asphalt shingles, causing them to go missing and drench your sheathing and rafters due to water leaks.

Poor Ventilation

Trapped hot air in the attic is full of moisture that your sheathing, rafters, and asphalt shingle will absorb. The shingles will increase their size due to moisture and absorb them. Once the temperature increases, the water inside the shingles will pop and cause blisters on the shingles. Moreover, asphalt shingle thermal expansion will force the material to push against each other, causing the rippled appearance above the roof. 

Avoid this by having good ventilation. Let roofers evaluate your existing system so hot air can escape and the attic can take in cool air that keeps your roof temperatures stable. Furthermore, good ventilation improves your home's energy efficiency.

Defective Materials

Perfect asphalt shingles do not exist. Even with the best manufacturing practices, brands cannot ensure their products perform as they did in test environments. However, the more tests a material has gone through, it would likely have an excellent performance.

For example, GAF roofing materials are high-quality materials with excellent durability and a 50-year installation guarantee if installed by a GAF Master Elite Roofer. Their algae-resistant coating ensures your roof will have excellent water and leak resistance.

Poor Installation Practices

GAF-certified contractors have undergone extensive training and certification tests to achieve the manufacturer's preferred and certified installation method. Amateur roofers with no certification to install GAF roofs may commit mistakes, such as poor shingle spacing, incorrect nailing, and inability to identify defective materials.

GAF only covers certified installations with its long-term warranties. For example, a GAF Master Elite installed your algae-resistant roof, meaning your roof has a Golden Pledge warranty lasting 50 years.

SJ Winn Construction is a GAF Master Elite roofer from Torrington. We guarantee well-installed roofs under GAF's top-notch warranty and renowned in your area for top-notch roofing that lasts for decades. Contact us today to get started.

A new roof is important to protect your interiors. Modern roofing systems from reputable manufacturers have top-notch moisture and algae resistance and help your property extend its lifespan and performance.

Unfortunately, a new roof is a huge financial commitment. It will cost thousands to tear off and replace the entire system – more so if it includes replacing rotted sheathing and rafters. Furthermore, if you don't know when to replace your roof, it can be tricky to save up cash for it.

Financing has been helpful for many homeowners to fix their roofs and restore their condition. Here is everything you need to know if you intend to use them.

Financing Options

You can use four ways to finance your new roof. Here is each one of them.

The Perfect Financing Option

The perfect financing depends on your circumstances and regular income. For instance, mortgage refinancing is optimal if you have a stable income that can handle the interest rate and principal payment. Alternatively, a HELOC is helpful if your property's value is high and you can handle its interest rates.

Keep in mind that financing with equity or debt can be stressful if you fail to pay. An equity loan, for example, gives banks and creditors repossession rights to your property if you default on the financing. Another is a personal loan's immense interest rate burden from several missed payments.

About In-House Financing

Some roofing companies work with creditors to provide roof replacement payment plans. It is advantageous for homeowners because of the simplified process. They will explain the terms of their financing contractors, and you just need to sign the best one for you.

However, a major disadvantage of in-house financing is you're limited to one interest rate and regular payments. The roofer will look for the best rates among their creditors, which means you're also limited only to their offers.

Consequences of Delaying Roof Replacement

The roof's issues will worsen the longer you delay roof replacement. Small roof leaks can evolve into torrential passages that cause severe attic water damage and mold growth. Furthermore, it can drip to your interior walls and ceiling and damage your electric lines, appliances, and more.

Mold growth and small animal infiltration are added costs to restore your roof's condition. Mold can cause allergies with their spores upon maturity, while small animal infiltration will let mice and squirrels burrow and nest inside your attic.

You've saved and found the best funding and installation payment for your roof, so you want the best roofers to install it. With SJ Winn Construction, your roof is in good hands. Our roofers have successfully installed and maintained roofs in your neighborhood. Contact us today to get an estimate.

Rough weather will cause asphalt shingles to suffer severe damage. Strong winds can lift them off their nails. Plus, tree branches can come from anywhere and damage your roof. If you're unsure about what to do after a storm passes, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Identify the Different Types of Roof Storm Damage

Storms cause various types of damage. Let's learn more about each of them below.


Winds higher than 74 miles-per-hour, also known as gale-force winds, will loosen asphalt shingle nails and blow them off. Roof geometry and material dictate the roof's resistance to strong weather. For example, gable roofs with narrow overhangs have good wind resistance, but an aerodynamically designed hip roof endures wind damage better.

Wind damage signs to watch out for include torn, curled, and bruised shingles. Outside the roof, check the local surroundings for toppled trees and power lines.


Hailstones can cause dents and bruises on asphalt shingles. They also cause small hidden pockmarks that dislodge protective shingle granules and weaken the material. That said, hailstorms are a homeowner's nightmare because it causes severe aesthetic damage to roofing systems. 

Hailstorms are destructive; even a 15-minute deluge can cause severe roof damage. That said, call a local certified roofer to inspect and assess your roof's current condition.

Pooled Water

Water runoff can clog gutters with dust, debris, and leaves. The pooled water on clogged systems will cause lipping and sagging by pushing against all directions. Furthermore, the water can soak your underlayment, sheathing, and fascia.

Your roofers will use ladders to head up to your gutters, clean the debris, and remove clogging. Then, they will inspect the gutter's structural condition and other issues. After their maintenance repairs, your gutters will work well and effectively by the next storm.

What to Do After a Storm?

Storm damage can shorten your roof's lifespan without immediate repairs. However, if you follow these steps, you can claim roof insurance and restore your roof's condition without paying for anything. Learn more about each step below.

Roof Inspections

Call your local roofer for roof inspections. They can identify visible and hidden roof damages. Most offer free roof surveys and will bring ladders to check your roof's exterior condition. Their assessment serves as initial data you can use to make an insurance claim.

The roofer will check your roofing system's top layer of asphalt shingles or roofing materials for damage. Then, they'll check the gutter, vents, windows, attic, and ceiling for possible damage and issues.

Contact Your Insurer

After your roofer assesses and makes emergency storm damage repairs, you can contact your insurer. Refer to your policy's claims guidelines with this step. Most often, insurers will have you call them and then send them the roofer's photos and documentation of damage. Then, your insurer will conduct their own inspections, discuss repair or replacement details with your roofer, and set a date for repairs and replacement.

Count on SJ Winn Construction to help you with storm damage roof repairs. Our experienced team of professional roofers ensures excellent results in all our roofing projects. Call us today for emergency storm damage repair and general roof services!

Sturdy, plain high-sloped roofs that look beautiful from the curb are always an excellent choice. It ensures homeowners will have a home that survives the most extreme weather conditions. However, your residential roof doesn't have to be a boring gable or hip roof shape. You can try these six cool roofing ideas. These might require significant investment, but they can achieve exceptional functionality and dependability for your property.

Roof Terrace

Most good cool roofing ideas use a flat roofing surface. If you've reconstructed the structure using high-quality roofers and builders, you can make a terrace as your property's elevated patio for dining outside or lunches with your family. 

Roofers will assess your roof's capacity to withstand the terrace's weight. Then, they would consider the areas of light and shadow for your property. Lastly, you can put the furniture, greenery, and other accessories you need to finish your terrace on the roof.

Roof Garden

A full-on roof garden always looks beautiful. This is the ideal yard space for properties with zero yard space to have a garden that smells nice and looks great during any season. You won't even have to worry about slugs and snails coming from the ground. 

Once you've chosen the plants for your garden, you can select or build containers for them. Your roofers might recommend soil and wind blocks to protect your plants, keep them growing, and have extra protection against birds and other destructive insects.

Bird Feed Posts

Birds will flock to your roofs and keep themselves safe from the neighborhood's most active and preying cats. Having birds on your roof sounds dangerous, but it will be safe as long as the feed posts keep the birds interested. Because drilling and long constructions involve altering your roof material, we strongly recommend working with reputable roofers experienced in installing bird feed posts and other roof structures.


These are mostly compatible with flat roofs because they'll have a stable space to stand in, and pergolas require professional roofers with experience installing roofing structures. Most pergola manufacturers can give you a breakdown of the measurements, weight, and density of the material and components your pergola needs for your roof. These will help your roofers build your pergola properly on your flat roofs.

Swimming Pool

Swimming pools might sound a bit extra, but they're excellent for homes in tropical weather or situated seaside. These work well with pergolas that provide shade and UV protection. Flat-roofed residences can have swimming pools on them, but a few factors require full attention before this can happen. For example, the building must support the swimming pool's structural and water weight. Doing this is much more crucial if your property has aged a few decades before this project.

Loft Conversion

Lofts maximize your roof space and give you an extra bedroom or playroom. You'll need an excellent ceiling and attic space to achieve a loft conversion. Then, you can consider using beadboard paneling or well-placed molding to give your room a classic Western look.

You can always count on Turbo Roofing to provide high-quality roofing services for all your needs. Let us replace your asphalt shingles, clay tiles, and metal roofs when possible. Contact us today to learn more about everything we can do for you.

Asphalt shingle roofs are greatly popular because they're affordable and efficient. They can withstand heavy rain, the heat of summer, and the cold of winter. Missing shingles after a storm are easy to replace because hardware suppliers carry most top roof material brands. Lastly, every roofer in your local area can easily repair or replace them due to their long-term familiarity with the material.

Unfortunately, asphalt shingles will suffer from severe damage over time due to their age and wear. Their granules will erode and expose the core material to the sun. The excess UV absorption can cause blisters, eventually causing water leaks to your property. 

Before we learn how to prevent asphalt shingle cracks and splits, let's know more about how these two happen.

Cracks: Loss of Granules

Cracked asphalt shingles occur because it has lost the protective granules or volatiles that give the roof its color and protect it against excessive UV absorption simultaneously.

Asphalt shingle roofs have special protective volatile chemicals in the form of granules. Excess amounts of these embedded granules can erode over the gutter, but there's enough to protect it against weather hazards. Over time, the embedded granules will run out, exposing the asphalt shingle material to UV rays and shrinking it. The shingles' reduced size causes them to crack.

Splits: Joints Shrinking and Expanding

Shingles have diagonal-line splits because the upper adhesive that holds the asphalt material together has finally worn off due to the joint's consistent shrinking and expanding.

Asphalt shingles thermally transform due to changing temperatures. Expansion forces the joints below them to increase in size. When contracting, the joints start decreasing in size. The repeated transformations will weaken the upper surface adhesive strips holding the asphalt material, manifesting into diagonal split formations.


Replace Damaged Shingles

Your trusted asphalt shingle roofers will recommend replacing any missing shingles they find during inspections. This is an affordable way to repair and restore its integrity without tearing off your entire roof.

Replace Entire Roof

Your roofer will recommend replacing the entire roof if more than 60% of it has significantly lost shingles during a cyclone. In case your roof has the same number of shingles damaged after a storm, they will require you to replace your entire asphalt shingle roof.


Here are the best ways to maintain your roof and prevent cracks and splits.

Regular Maintenance

Roofing professionals who regularly maintain your roof can brief you on its current condition. They have a full record of your roof's current performance and dependability. With this data, they can take action by conducting minor repairs and adjusting your roof materials and sheathing.

Proper Installation Temperature

Asphalt shingles require stable temperatures, preferably the cool sunny days during the first week of summer, to ensure the materials are of the right size. They need enough space from each other to expand during summer and contract during winter.

Certified Roofer Installations

Only trust manufacturer-certified roofers to install your asphalt shingles. These certified roofers fully understand the best way to install the system that allows it to last longer and achieve outstanding performance.

You can always trust SJ Winn Construction to provide top residential roof installations. Allow us to help you by calling us today or using our contact form to talk to us.

Newly-purchased asphalt shingles should work like a charm. They're new and haven't gone through drastic hail, rain, or snowstorms. There's no reason for these fresh roofing materials to have waves and ripples across them because you've just had them recently installed. You can expect waviness and ripples from aged materials with about 5-8 years of life.

Allow us at SJ Winn Construction to explain why your roof has ripples or suffers from waves in this post.

Seasonal Transformations

Experienced roofing professionals recommend installing your roofs during the first few weeks of spring but not late into summer. Asphalt shingles will remain in good shape before summer's high temperatures expand them beyond measure. 

Roofers will use proper spacing when installing your asphalt shingles to ensure they expand without causing waves or ripples once summer arrives. They contract enough to prevent snowmelt from permeating the roofing material during winter.

Wind Damage

Tornadoes, hurricanes, and cyclones will cause tremendous damage to your roof. Newly-installed roofs can still suffer from curled shingle edges during storms. In severe cases, new roofs can have a wavy or rippled shape if the wind becomes too strong.

Wavy new asphalt shingle roofs happen due to possible poor nailing or water-damaged sheathing. Nails could dislodge from the sheathing if your roofers did not secure them properly during a strong windstorm. On the other hand, wet sheathing due to water leaks will bloat and deform under the high pressure of windstorms.

Poor Attic Ventilation

Hot air from your interiors will head to your attic and try to escape, especially during the hotness of summer. Trapped hot air will permeate your underlayment, allowing asphalt shingles to absorb. The shingles will increase in size due to thermal expansion, pushing against each other to create a rippled look.

Build ventilation and have attic fans to improve ventilation. The balanced temperature can reduce roof material damage and extend your asphalt shingle's lifespan. Good attic ventilation and insulation improve your property's energy efficiency, too.

Defective Materials

Manufacturers do their best to create the perfect asphalt shingles by having them undergo several tests in controlled and uncontrolled environments. It's part of the high price homeowners pay for what they sell. However, a batch can have a defective product, and chances are you've bought a problematic one if it has ripples or waves.

An experienced GAF-certified roofer in Torrington can determine whether your roof installation, local environment, or batch defect is the main culprit of wavy roofs. Their experience and knowledge give you confidence in making a warranty claim, having your roof replaced, and performing other solutions.

Poor Installation Practices

A GAF-certified roofing contractor fully understands the methods and solutions necessary to achieve top-notch, non-wavy roofing installations. They've studied and passed certifications from the manufacturer, ensuring homeowners and the latter can trust them to install a long-lasting roof.

An uncertified and inexperienced roofer will make mistakes. They might measure the asphalt shingle spacing incorrectly, misjudge the sheathing's water damage condition, or have the wrong equipment and labor for the job. Due to their misgivings, your roof will have shorter lifespans, look wavy, and never provide the manufacturer's promised protection and warranty coverage.

A GAF-certified roofer in Torrington isn't difficult to find. You can always count on SJ Winn Construction to provide top-tier roofing installations, repairs, and replacements. Contact us today to get started.


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