High-quality roofs have a long lifespan and can withstand the harshest weather and temperatures. However, its durability and dependability will deteriorate as decades pass. If you see subtle signs of roof failure, ask a local roofer to inspect it. They can help you know the right time to have roof replacement costs.

Most homeowners are wary about the cost of their roof replacement. In this post, we'll show you the factors that typically increase the cost of roof replacement.

Size and Pitch

A large lot size equals a big roof area, equal to a higher-priced roof replacement. Expect a wide-sized home's roof replacement costs to be costlier than a small property with a modest lot. 

Steep roofs are far more expensive; it requires roofers to use special safety and traversal equipment for effective installations. Furthermore, a high roof pitch will also increase the roof area that needs replacement. Your roof's pitch may also increase your roof replacement service price.


Most roofers can give you an accurate estimate for asphalt shingle replacements. On the other hand, clay and slate tiles and metal roofs might have varying costs from different local contractors because they typically have higher prices from most suppliers. Some roofers may give you a low-priced clay and slate tile or metal roof installation because they work with suppliers or manufacturers who can drive down prices significantly.


Your roofing service costs might increase depending on the state building codes and local weather. States with stringent building codes require more permits than roofers need to apply for, and it will take so much time. 

Alternatively, a home frequently facing extreme temperatures or weather conditions will require frequent roof repairs and replacement. Their roofs also need frequent maintenance to keep them ready against possible windstorms or heavy rain.

Essential Equipment

Steep roofs are expensive to install because you'll need contractors trained to handle them and have the right equipment for effective installation. Trained roofing companies will use scaffolding, safety equipment, and other essentials to ensure your roof is well-installed. 

Hidden Issues

A full tear-off roof replacement lets roofers observe the structural components of your roof and recommend replacements when necessary. Aged roofs may have rotting or decayed trusses and sheathing that need replacement. These components may weaken and collapse if left as is before replacing the roof materials.

Roof material manufacturers often require a full tear-off roof replacement to implement the extra accessories of their roof system design. Some roof manufacturers may require ridge caps, new gutters, sheathing, and fascia to protect against moisture and water damage.

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Spring is the perfect time to ensure your roof is in top shape. Winter can severely damage various roof components, leading to premature aging and deterioration. With a reliable local roofing contractor, you can determine your roof's issues and take action as quickly as possible. Learn more about why you should have a roofing inspection during spring in this post.

No Rains and Snow

Rain and snow are disruptive to roofing operations. Roofers can't tread over your roofs safely and securely when it rains or due to slippery snow. During spring, the weather is clear, and it isn't too hot on most days. The contractor can conveniently set up their scaffolding to reach every part of the system for inspections and repairs.

Inspection Hindrances Are Nowhere

Snow and ice buildup could soak your asphalt shingles and cause blisters and cracks during spring. Roofers can easily find hidden damage among the visible ones you've seen after the snow has melted. With an inspection, roofers can also perform minor repairs that restore their performance and lengthen their lifespan. They can also tell you how much life and dependability your roof has left until it needs a replacement.

Be Ready for Summer Heat

Summers can bring in extremely hot temperatures and severe storms that could crack or split your asphalt shingles. Spring inspections and repairs ensure your roof is ready for anything. Schedule an inspection with your contractor to prepare your roof before heavy rains get clogged on your gutters. Roofers can repair and replace damaged shingles and your gutter system to keep your home safe from extreme summer and autumn weather.

Available Contractors

You can find plenty of contractors available to inspect, repair, and service your roof during spring. In this season, some roofers also have discounts for their services to attract more business. The only downside of spring roofing is the number of people you're competing with; many homeowners want to have their roofs inspected before summer arrives. If your favorite local roofer didn't accommodate you, it would be a huge problem.

Suppliers Are Stocked

Alongside roofers, suppliers also know that many homeowners would order high-quality materials and other supplies to restore their roof's functionality. If you plan to replace the entire system after winter, now's the best time to ask the hardware supplier if they have your preferred roofing style and manufacturer. Before anything else, work with a certified contractor to install the roof under warranty.

Tip: You Can Get Winter Roofing Help

Winter might be difficult for roofers, but it doesn't mean they won't provide services. If there's no blizzard or extreme weather, they can inspect your roof on a clear day and perform repairs or replacements where necessary. In some cases, roofers can even give you discounts on their services.

SJ Winn Construction is a reliable roofing company with decades of experience, knowledge, and equipment that can inspect, repair, and install your roofs. Let us help you ensure your roof system works well and handles any difficult weather coming your way. Call us today to learn more about what we can do for you.

Roof contractors may bundle your gutter and roof material replacement in a single offer, often at a sweet price you won't find elsewhere. It's tempting to take this offer immediately, but you may save more if you decide not to replace your gutters and roof. Carefully evaluating your gutter's condition, age, and other factors will help you avoid unnecessary costs and tearing down a completely capable system.

In this post, you'll learn about various factors to consider before replacing your gutters and your roof.


See if your gutter is underperforming and needs replacement. A reputable roofer will suggest replacing your gutters with your old roof material because they assume it was installed simultaneously. They may have also inspected and seen signs that your gutter is in bad shape and may not last long during heavy summer rains and extreme snowfall.

To know for sure, you can ask your roofer to conduct a deep evaluation of your gutter's status. Don't let the roofer's suggestion color your decision – let the facts, such as deep gutter holes that caulk or sealing cannot fix or rotting soffits due to prolonged moisture exposure, speak for themselves.


As mentioned in the previous section, you can replace your gutter with your roof if installed simultaneously. For many homes, this is the case. A roof and gutter system about 20-25 years old will need replacements immediately because it is a huge leak risk and will cause significant leaks and structural damage if you leave it unattended.


Receiving a bundled offer to replace gutters and roofing might sound wonderful at first. But, you should consider the cost of replacing roofing materials and gutters individually. Sometimes, the difference between bundled and individual service offers is insignificant, making it better to consult your roofer again the month after to replace your gutters.

Delaying your gutter replacement for weeks or months can be helpful. You can apply for a loan to cover the costs, especially if replacing your gutters before winter is critical. You can also get quotes from other roofers in your area to get a fair price on your upcoming gutter replacement.


Delaying your gutter replacement until after the roofer replaces your roof overcomes several limitations than if you did otherwise. First, certified roofers can only install products from their partner manufacturers. If you prefer GAF roofing systems over the roofer's manufacturer, they can't install that for you – they're uncertified to do so.

Second, roofers may offer the service cheaply because they can source affordable but subpar gutter materials to replace your roof. You might think you're paying less for an efficient system, but the lower cost is likely due to poor materials.

If you need to evaluate your gutter's condition before planning a gutter and roof replacement, call experts who care about your roof genuinely. SJ Winn Construction is a GAF-certified roofer with decades of experience and knowledge in improving and maintaining the roofs of homes in your area. Call us today to learn more about what we can do for you.

If you've just moved into the neighborhood with questions about the seller's roof, have a roofing contractor inspect it to learn about your roof's age and benefits. Learn more about why you should know your roof's age below.

The Time for Roof Replacements

A timely replacement ensures your home has optimal protection at all times. The timing and material used for the replacement ensure the roof has a long lifespan and outstanding performance. Any wise and helpful roofer would recommend replacing your roof with a system guaranteed to last for decades. Excellent systems from renowned asphalt shingle manufacturers, such as GAF, can provide 50 years of protection against storms and extreme weather conditions. 

Issues You Can Expect

Well-manufactured and installed roofs can protect you against anything, but they will deteriorate in performance as they age. During the first five years of a roof, you can expect it to handle any snow and hail storm with minor damage that local roofers can fix.

By its tenth year, you may notice cracks and splits into various areas of the roof. You might also see missing shingles after a windstorm passes because of the shingle's weakened integrity protecting your home for a decade. Lastly, your roof will need replacement within a year if it has already crossed its 20-year mark.

Warranty Assessments

Pay attention to the manufacturer's terms and conditions. You might have a lifetime prorated warranty, which is usually the case. These warranties consider the age of your roof if it fails before its expected end of life. Thus, a roof that failed within five years can expect a full roof material replacement than a roof that becomes dysfunctional by its 15th year.

Property Sale Investment

Knowing your roof's age helps you decide to invest in replacing it before selling the property. Homebuyers are willing to invest higher in properties with a new roof. It eliminates the hassle and time of having a roof replacement. Furthermore, sellers who go for a roof replacement make it easier for them or their realtors to market the property and find viable leads.

How to Know Your Roof's Age

You can learn about your roof's age through a roof inspection, a roofer's records, or with the help of the local government. If there's no existing roof record with the previous seller and local government, roofers can inspect and estimate the system's remaining lifespan. Otherwise, you can contact your seller's trusted roofing contractor to know about the roof's history of installation and repairs. The local government should also have a record of the property's initial building date.

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Tremors and foundational issues shouldn't affect a roof above your walls and basement, right? Unfortunately, many people believe this is true. Roofs can endure damage during earthquakes and tremors because they will shake and dislodge certain parts that prolong their lifespan and maintain their performance.

Earthquakes and tremors can dislodge small roof components. Roof decking and sheathing foundations connected to walls will collapse and lose their structure due to violent shaking. Aside from earthquakes and tremors, roof decking and sheathing can loosen due to deep-ground excavations, leading to expensive roof repairs.

After your roof inspections, consider having whole-property maintenance. Ask an engineer to check your property's foundations and walls. Basement water infiltration can loosen and weaken your concrete foundations. If left unattended, this can cause your walls to collapse along with your roof. 

Your gutter is another area that can shorten your foundation's lifespan. Flooding gutters will cause heavy rain to flow back on your asphalt shingles or to your yard. The soil will absorb the water, soaking the concrete layer of your basement for prolonged periods. When this happens, have an expert inspect your basement for any damage. You can also call a home drying and cleaning service to ensure your basement is free of moisture and mold growth.

One good way to maintain your basement walls is to have a structural engineer check for cracks, gaps, and moisture damage. If your aged siding had a delayed replacement, rainwater may have infiltrated the concrete walls and weakened their integrity. Have the engineer check for weakened spots or compromised structures that can affect your home and your roof.

Ancestral homes have seen multiple generations of your family. Most ancestral homes have basements in shambles. Have engineers or renovation experts repair or upgrade your basement accordingly. They can turn it into a family activity room, game area, or any facility you need. The renovators will lay down new foundations to support the appliances, items, and furniture you'll place inside. Furthermore, these projects will increase your property's market resale price.

If you're unsure whether it's time to demolish and remake your walls and basement, have renovators inspect their integrity. They know if any new updates have arrived for building codes, so they will check your property and point out areas that violate the regulations. 

Your property's overall age determines whether it's time to have your home reinforced to give it new life. Ancestral properties over 50 will need major renovations and a new roof replacement. As you may expect, this is a very expensive process that you'll need to save up for quite a while. Alternatively, you might find suitable financing from reliable local renovators and roofers.

If you need excellent roof replacements, you can count on SJ Winn Construction to provide top-notch services with satisfying results. Our team has decades of experience servicing homes in your area and only aims to give you the best value-for-money service. Call us today to learn more about what we can do for you.

New roofs can be expensive if you're financially unprepared. It can take decades or beyond to save enough cash for a new roof, especially if you want long-lasting roofs with algae resistance, improved fire ratings, and beyond. Fortunately, some financing options are available to save time and have you pay a fair amount for the interest. Learn more about each one of them below.

Mortgage Refinancing

You can refinance your mortgage with an added amount on top to pay for your new roof. Refinancing lets you use your home as collateral, making the process faster. Mortgages can have short or long-term payment periods. That said, be careful and pay your mortgage on time to ensure zero financial issues later.


Insurance would be a viable roof financing option if your roof was damaged by a recent storm or extreme weather event included in its terms. For instance, most roof insurers would pay in full if your roof suffered or was lost during a recent windstorm or tornado. Keep in mind that this is only suitable for events after disaster has occurred because your insurer will not pay for an old or aged roof.

Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)

HELOCs or HELOANS are useful if you have a high credit score. You can ask your bank to have a HELOC or HELOAN. If you can present documentation supporting your income and employment, you can easily get a HELOC or HELOAN account opened. You can then use it to pay for your roof replacement and pay your loan later.

Credit Cards

Credit cards work like HELOCs or HELOANs, but only banks can supply them to you. They can be viable for financing your roof replacement if they have a high credit limit. Unfortunately, most credit limits aren't as high as mortgage refinancing or HELOCs.

In-House Financing

Roofers who care about their neighborhood may offer to finance the entire roof project. In case of emergencies, having in-house financing is greatly helpful. To give you this option, your roofer might work with local banks or financial institutions for easy loan approval and application. 

In-house financing does have some downsides. First, you're limited to one interest rate and regular payments. Next, you can't compare financing because your roofer and their partner financial institution can give you a guaranteed financing with a fixed rate.

Choosing the Best One for Your Home

The right financing relies on your income and regular capacity to pay the loan. For example, mortgage refinancing is suitable if you have a stable income with no signs of economic dwindling. Alternatively, credit cards and HELOCs can be challenging to manage with a poor source of income, so be sure to plan and anticipate all possibilities before applying for financing.

You can always rely on SJ Winn Construction's top-notch experts for high-quality roofing repairs, installations, and upgrades. With our decades of experience and knowledge helping homes in the area, we guarantee a well-installed roof that protects you from the elements. Our team's motto is to go above and beyond your expectations. Count on our service and call us today.

Buyers look deeply into the quality of the roof of a home up for sale. Put yourself in the shoes of a buyer: as one, would you buy a property with a poor roof condition that may break down in the next year or two? Surely, you would not. As a seller, improve your roof before selling the property and benefit from the following.

Attract More Eyeballs

Putting your home with a beautiful roof on an online listing will attract more eyeballs because of its charm and personality. A new roof enormously impacts the entire property's aesthetic. Most buyers will pay extra for a home that will only have them move in and enjoy its benefits rather than buy a more affordable one and have contractors look into, repair, or replace it eventually.

Increase Value

Most real estate agents highlight the roof's capabilities as a major selling point to their buyers. They can mention its brand, the system's benefits as the manufacturer published, and beyond. A roof replacement will cost thousands, but you'll also get higher than your investment. 

Provide Outstanding Protection

Buyers want a home that protects them from extreme weather conditions. There is great value emphasized in having a roof above your head every day. One that won't give you headaches is also valuable because it will lead rainfall straight to gutters, protect against hailstones, and more.

Reduce Maintenance Costs

Yearly roof maintenance can cost higher if the roof has significant damages. For example, a leaking roof with cracked or missing shingles will increase moisture inside the attic and cause mold growth. Repairing this may be much more expensive and cause grave health issues due to black mold.

Improve Energy Efficiency

Prospective buyers want a roof that protects them from the elements and can maintain their home's temperatures in any season. Real estate agents will highlight your roof's energy efficiency. For example, energy-efficient roofs like GAF systems will protect your home from the elements and reduce the need to increase your thermostat settings.

Give Yourself and Your Buyer Peace of Mind

Buyers want a home that will give them peace of mind. Sellers need to sell at a fair price. A new roof solves this problem by attracting more buyers to view your property. A newly installed one justifies a higher asking price because you're selling convenience and peace of mind aside from a house that won't fall apart after a single rainstorm.

We strongly recommend having your roof replaced to gain the following benefits. Make your home greatly attractive from any angle by improving its vibrant colors that show off its aesthetics. Ask your local contractor to learn the best ways to improve your roof before selling it.

SJ Winn Construction is a renowned contractor with decades of experience and knowledge in roofing. They have spent many years taking care of homes in your local area with high-quality roof repairs, replacements, maintenance services, and installations. You can count on us to achieve the best roof replacements to increase your home's value. Call us today to get started.

You can extend your roof's lifespan by understanding the factors that keep it in good shape. For instance, regular roof checkups ensure professionals can find visible and hidden damage before they worsen. Other factors that keep your roof in great condition include ventilation and support structure maintenance.

Most roofers barely mention ventilation and insulation because most home builders do a great job installing ventilation systems. But after five years, you'll want to have a roof inspection to let roofers determine the ventilation and insulation's condition.

Roof ventilation uses soffit and ridge vents to take in and expel heat. It uses the principle of cold and hot air movement – cold air moves downwards while hot air moves upwards. Cold air enters the soffit, pulled by the escaping hot air toward the ridge vents. In some cases, roofers may recommend building fans that assist roof ventilation.

The Benefits of Roof Ventilation

Stable Attic Temperatures

Ventilation gives hot air an exit path, and cold air keeps attic temperatures low, extending your roof's lifespan. Attic temperatures increase over time as hot air from indoors reaches the area. When trapped, the air can force itself through the sheathing, increasing the asphalt shingle's temperatures and causing blisters and splits.

Reduced Mold Growth

Mold grows in places where there is plenty of moisture and darkness. Attics are typically dark and can have condensation with too much hot air. With ventilation, the roof remains dry by expelling hot air and taking in cool dehumidifying air.

Energy Saving

Hot air in the attic will fry your asphalt shingles and eventually get reabsorbed into your rooms. The increased hotness in each room will force your HVAC to work harder than it should. With excellent roof ventilation and insulation, hot air would not get reabsorbed and can escape, saving you from added energy expenses.

What Do You Need for An Effective Roof Ventilation System

You'll need an experienced roofer with experience building ventilation and insulation systems. Here are the essentials of roof ventilation.

Project Scope

Determine if your existing attic ventilation system is working. Roofs that are too hot to the touch may have a faulty ventilation system. During winter, ice buildup may occur because there's hot air melting snow and refreezing it on cooler areas. Your roofer can help you determine your project's scope.

Ridge Vents

Ridge ventilation is optional for most properties, but having one will benefit your roof and prolong its lifespan and performance. Ridge vents work well with soffit vents because hot air moves upward and pulls in cold air nearby.

Soffit and Gable Vents

Both soffit and gable vents let cold air inside your roof as it is pulled by hot air escaping. Soffit vents are rectangular and have wood beam openings enclosed by vents. Gable vents have controllable openings that work with soffit and ridge caps, too.

Want a well-built ventilation system for your roof? You can count on SJ Winn Construction for top-notch evaluations and ventilation. We've helped many homes in your area preserve their roofs by setting up excellent ventilation where needed. Let us help you with your roofing needs by calling us today.

Roofing lasts because of two things: excellent installation and top-tier roofing materials. High-quality shingles have excellent resistance and a full-fledged support system keeping their structure intact through the most challenging storms and extreme weather conditions. That said, if you live in an area prone to weather problems, you need reliable roofing for decades.

Top roofers also play a huge role in the quality of installation. For instance, certified or Master Elite ranking GAF roofers can install the most intricate and comprehensive systems from the manufacturer. With trust from GAF, the roofers can provide warranties that guarantee the performance of the roof system for up to five decades in most cases.

Cohesive and long-lasting systems made by GAF have advanced designs that use various extra roofing components, such as sheathing, ridge caps, starter strip shingles, and more. Here's what you get by working with a dependable roofer.

Complete Roofing System

Roofing systems work with various components acting as protection and support systems. The protection system is made up of asphalt shingle roof, gutters, and coating that adds algae or UV resistance. Next, the sheathing, rafters, leak barriers, underlayments, and ridge caps are the support systems that prolong and ensure the system will last for decades, protecting your home.


Quality roofers and materials ensure the roof is well-installed and can last for decades. By hiring roofers trusted and certified by the manufacturer, they can confidently guarantee your roof's performance for a set number of years. For instance, a GAF Golden Pledge can have a 50-year warranty that ensures your roof will last and have no defects for 50 years facing the harshest weather and the presence of moisture

Quality Labor

Master Elite roofers, GAF's top contractors, have well-grounded practices, all essential equipment, and fully guaranteed installation results. They're trained by GAF to install their roofs in the best possible way. Only two percent of roofers across the US are Master Elite roofing companies, while only a small population of roofers nationwide are certified.

Style and Colors

Variety is crucial to improve your roof's aesthetics and functionality at the same time. Most roofing manufacturers with a high reputation, such as GAF, have a wide range of quality materials with outstanding variety and style. You can choose from various shades of asphalt shingles or have your contractor recommend the best one suitable for your home's existing color scheme.

Approachable and Genuinely Helpful

Reliable roofers care about their local community. They're genuinely helpful, approachable, and always willing to advise you on any areas that may need improvement based on their observations. They started their venture to fill the lack of a roofer in their neighborhood. With this in mind, their values and mission align with the intent of genuinely helping local houses like yours get top-tier roofing services.

If you need a quality roofer, SJ Winn Construction is a dependable GAF-certified roofing company with decades of experience helping the local neighborhood. We have always answered the call for a top-notch roofer that can achieve outstanding GAF roof installations in your area. Call us today for a roof inspection, maintenance, or repair at any time.

Gutters are barely visible from the ground and contribute little to your property's overall aesthetic, but they keep your home's overall look in good shape. This system is responsible for leading off rainwater to your downspouts and public sewage lines. Gutters in bad shape will soon cause soaked yards and basement water damage.

Gutter maintenance is a crucial part of regular roof maintenance. If you experience these issues, your gutter may need repairs or replacement soon.

Overflowing Water

Gutter overflow can cause many issues with your home's aesthetics and foundational components. Overflow can cause stains and slippery tiles in front of your doorstep. It can also soak your yard and damage your fascia, sheathing, and rafters due to backflow. Soaked wood components of the attic can grow and breed mold, causing further damage to your roof's structure.

Drywall Damage

Drywall damage happens due to moisture that comes from roof leaks. Clogged gutters let backflow flow through your attic and drip down the walls connected to the rafters. Wet drywall can cause mold growth, which reduces your indoor air quality. It can weaken the drywall fiber and soften its structural integrity.

Soaked Insulation

Soaked insulation will reduce your home's energy efficiency. The absorbent solution will become wet, increase the growth of molds, and increase your monthly bills. Fix it by hiring roof inspectors to remove your old insulation and replace it.

How to Know If You Have Gutter Problems

You have gutter problems if you have the following:

Clogged Gutters

Clogged gutters will overflow during heavy rainstorms. They will cause backflow that damages your drip edge and fascia. Over time, clogged gutters will cause sagging and structural roofing issues. Gutter experts can remove the dirt and debris inside with the right equipment. 


Gutter sagging happens due to the weight of the trapped water in your gutters. Over time, it would start to loosen its hangers and dislodge the gutter from its initial position. Hiring a roofer to tighten the hanger screws is possible, but the deformed gutter needs a complete replacement.

Holes and Leaks

Gutter holes let water seep through. They would reduce overflowing but might saturate your yard with moisture and stain your siding over time. Roofers could use sealant to plug the holes and check leaky seams if your roof had an entire section repaired in the past. That said, the best solution for gutter holes and leaky seams is a full seamless gutter system replacement.

Deformed Gutters

Deformed gutters could be sagging caused by trapped water or wind damage due to strong winds. Gale-force windstorms will cause it to bend upward, pull out and loosen hangers, and affect the gutter's overall integrity.

Want excellent roof replacements and gutter improvements? You can always count on SJ Winn Construction for your top roofing needs. We're a respected name in high-quality, GAF-certified roofing in your area, with decades of service for properties like yours. Call us today or use our contact form to learn more.


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