Roof warranties come with a newly installed roof. Material warranties are important because they won't hold you liable for defective roofs that leak or prematurely fail a few years after installation. That said, the best manufacturers provide limited lifetime warranties, which won't hold you liable for any defective roofing materials.

A transferable warranty on a new roof is a huge selling point. Sellers who update their roofs have an easier time marketing their products because of their excellent aesthetics and transferable warranty. Buyers have limited negotiating points and remember properties with new roofs and transferable warranties because it won't cause headaches upon purchasing the property.

Understanding Your Roof Warranty

Roof warranties state different entities, including you as the customer or beneficiary. 

Keep in mind that some manufacturers may not grant transfer of warranties. However, most top-market manufacturers allow its transfer. To be sure, consult the manufacturer for more details. 

Should You Install a New Roof Before Selling Your Home?

A new roof is a huge financial commitment necessary to sell your home faster with high value. It always looks beautiful and has many photogenic angles in photos that realtors can use in their listings. In addition, you can leverage the roof's condition and transferable warranty (if it can be transferred) to the buyers. Here are some advantages of installing a new roof before selling your home.


A new roof with a transferable warranty is a great way to increase your property's price. Buyers who understand that they'll receive the new roof's warranty coverage are often willing to pay the fee you set for the property.


It's easy to market a property with an attractive roof. You can take a photo of it from any angle and use it in your real estate listings. During oculars, buyers won't have any leverage to present a low buying offer for your property.

No More Hassles

Buyers want a property they can simply move into and relax afterward, enjoying the remodeled facilities and new roof. Some buyers are willing to pay lower for a home with an old roof and sometimes turn their backs on the sale due to the old one being an encumbrance and inconvenient to change.

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