Raccoons are intelligent creatures known for their dexterous paws and problem-solving abilities. Unfortunately, they can become a nuisance when they invade your attic, causing damage and creating a mess. To protect your home from raccoon intrusions, it's important to take preventive measures. In this article, we will discuss five effective steps to prevent raccoons from entering your attic and ensure the safety and cleanliness of your home.

Seal Potential Entry Points

The first step in raccoon prevention is to secure your attic against their entry. Inspect your home thoroughly to identify any potential entry points such as gaps, cracks, or broken vents. Pay close attention to areas near the roofline, soffits, and fascia boards. Use heavy-duty materials like wire mesh or hardware cloth to seal these openings. Ensure that all vents are properly covered with raccoon-proof mesh, which allows for ventilation while keeping raccoons out.

Trim Overhanging Branches

Raccoons are skilled climbers, and tree branches near your home can provide easy access to your roof and attic. Trim overhanging branches that are within jumping distance of your roof. By removing this natural pathway, you significantly reduce the chances of raccoons reaching your attic.

Secure Garbage Bins

Raccoons are opportunistic feeders and are often attracted to garbage bins in search of food. Ensure your trash cans are securely sealed with tight-fitting lids or consider using raccoon-proof bins. If possible, keep your garbage cans inside a locked shed or garage until the day of trash collection to prevent raccoons from being enticed onto your property.

Eliminate Potential Food Sources

Apart from garbage, raccoons are attracted to other food sources such as pet food left outdoors or bird feeders. To deter raccoons, bring pet food indoors and remove any bird feeders from your yard or hang them high enough that raccoons cannot reach them. Additionally, clean up fallen fruits or nuts from trees regularly, as these can also draw raccoons towards your property.

Install Motion-Activated Lights and Sound Deterrents

Raccoons are primarily nocturnal creatures, and bright lights can startle them, discouraging them from approaching your home. Install motion-activated lights around your property, especially near potential entry points. You can also consider using sound deterrents such as ultrasonic devices or motion-activated radios that play loud noises when triggered. These methods can help scare away raccoons and make your attic less appealing to them.

While adorable, raccoons are a threat to your roof and attic ventilation. The following steps should help prolong your roof and property's lifespan. If you need help repairing any attic or roof damage due to animal activity, count on us at SJ Winn Construction, a company with decades of experience, to help you. Call us today to learn more about what we can do for you.


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