You've heard your roofer mention once or twice that your home's soffit needs repairs or replacements. Unfortunately, they might have difficulty showing it to you because of where it's situated. Some homeowners refuse to repair or upgrade their soffits for the sole reason that they don't know where it is or why it's important.

In this post, you'll learn about soffits and their importance for your home.

What Are Soffits?

Soffits protect your home from water infiltration and are core components of your roof rafters. They give your gutters a surface for secure attachment. They're made from high-quality wood or fiber cement below the roof overhangs. 


Soffits have plenty of benefits for your roofs. They prevent moisture from entering your attic before it passes to the gutter system. They also have small holes underneath that let hot air escape from your roof and take in fresh air from the ridge. 

A soffit system that works well improves your home's energy efficiency. Hot air that escapes from your soffit vents won't descend into your rooms and interiors. Furthermore, it preserves the lifespan and performance of your HVAC and roofing materials.

Materials for Building Excellent Soffits

Your soffit can be made from fiber cement or woo. Each has its respective advantages and disadvantages.

Fiber Cement

Fiber cement uses a wide range of sturdy materials to create a sturdy and long-lasting composite. Because of the way it's made, manufacturers can create various styles, shapes, and visuals that can suit your property's aesthetic. While soffits are barely noticeable from the curb, they're doing a great job if they're not noticeable.


Wood is a sturdy, affordable, and accessible material. It's available from most high-quality lumber suppliers and comes with a wide range of textures and shades. You can also paint wood to make it look subtle under your eaves. That said, make sure the wood is treated against termites and has a waterproof finish. 

Maintaining Your Soffits

Soffits are made of durable material but can corrode and become weak if exposed to incompatible chemicals. For example, spraying water on your vented soffits will clog them with dirt and weaken the material. Wipe it with dirt and dust. Only use mild detergents that can clear dirt and grime without damaging the protective coating. This solution can clean mold and mildew by using a scrubbing cloth with mild detergent, water, and bleach.

Your soffits can have plenty of pests living in them for a long time. It can be the entrance for mice, insects, and birds. They can use the vent passages as entryways to create nests inside your attic. We recommend asking animal control experts to help you safely remove small animals without harm. 

Lastly, have your soffits checked for regular wear and tear. Most roofers usually include soffit inspections in their services. Ask them about your soffit's condition and if you should replace them.

If you need high-quality soffits for your home, have them installed and maintained by SJ Winn Construction. We're a reputable and trusted name for soffit services and everything else roofing in your neighborhood. Call us today to learn about our services.


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