We know exactly what you feel when you see the leak lines creeping on your ceiling during a massive rainstorm or the loud impacts of hailstones during a hailstorm – you wish you could do something to prevent the damage on your roof. But, a high-quality roof (and ceiling) is designed to protect you and minimize damage to the other components of your roof.

Once the storm settles, there are a few things you can do to restore your roof and attic back to its condition before the storm has passed and hopefully minimize your expenses.

Ensuring Safety First

When assessing damage to your roof, it's crucial to prioritize safety above all else. For now, avoid entering areas with damaged ceilings and roofing materials. If you should, do so with caution. This is especially true if there are exposed wiring in your attic (if any) as these can be extremely dangerous. If you can take photos as part of your documentation for insurance, do so at a safe distance.

Documenting the Damage

As mentioned earlier, documenting the damage is an essential step in the process of dealing with storm damage. Before roofers can begin any repairs, they can thoroughly document the damage to your roof and observe areas that have potentially serious problems. By taking photographs and videos from multiple angles, they have a clear view of what needs to be done and can give you a rough estimate on everything your roof needs.

Contacting Your Insurance Company

Another aspect of documenting roof damage is getting help from your insurance company. You or your roofer can contact the insurer to report the incident alongside the necessary documentation. These cna be the photos and videos of the damage. With the right information, you and your roofer are well prepared to answer any questions they may have about the damage and the circumstances surrounding it.

Temporary Repairs

This is the part a reliable local roofer can help you. They can make temporary repairs to your property to prevent further damage as you await your insurer's decision and possible adjustments. In most cases, the temporary repairs include placing a tarp over a damaged roof and replacing some crucial components that reduce the damage to your roof. Also keep in mind to keep all receipts for these repairs, as they may be reimbursable by your insurance company.

Start The Repairs

Once your insurer approves your claim, your professional contractor can now make the necessary repairs. When hiring a contractor, look for reputable contractors with experience in storm damage repair. Get multiple quotes and check references before making a decision. 

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One often overlooked yet highly impactful area is the roof. Asphalt shingle roofs, a favorite among many homeowners, can be transformed into energy-efficient systems with thoughtful upgrades. In this article, let's learn how you can improve your roof energy efficiency this New Year.

Energy-Efficient Shingles

One of the most effective ways to boost the energy efficiency of your asphalt shingle roof is by investing in energy-efficient shingles. Traditional asphalt shingles absorb and retain heat, contributing to increased indoor temperatures and higher cooling costs. Energy-efficient shingles, on the other hand, are designed with reflective materials that bounce the sun's rays away from the roof, reducing heat absorption and keeping the home cooler.

These shingles typically have a higher solar reflectance and emissivity, meaning they reflect more sunlight and release absorbed heat more efficiently. This helps maintain a comfortable indoor temperature, reducing the reliance on air conditioning, and consequently cutting down energy bills.

Attic Ventilation

Proper attic ventilation plays a crucial role in enhancing the energy efficiency of your asphalt shingle roof. Inadequate ventilation can lead to heat buildup in the attic, causing the shingles to age prematurely and reducing the overall energy efficiency of the home.

Installing ventilation systems, such as ridge vents and soffit vents, helps create a balanced airflow through the attic space. This prevents the accumulation of hot air, reducing the strain on your cooling systems and promoting a more comfortable living environment. Additionally, a well-ventilated attic helps prevent moisture buildup, preventing potential issues like mold and mildew, which can compromise both the structural integrity of the roof and indoor air quality.

Home Insulation

To create a truly energy-efficient roofing system, addressing insulation is paramount. Proper insulation not only helps regulate indoor temperatures but also minimizes the transfer of heat between the interior and exterior of your home.

Consider upgrading your attic insulation to materials with higher thermal resistance (R-value). This could include fiberglass, cellulose, or spray foam insulation, which are all effective at reducing heat transfer. Adequate insulation not only keeps your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer but also diminishes the load on heating and cooling systems, leading to significant energy savings over time.

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Windy rainstorms, it's a homeowner's worst nightmare. Imagine sitting throughout the day experiencing heavy rains coupled with strong winds. If you've seen the tree outside sway and shake within the strong windows, you can't imagine how worse it already is for your roof.

While all roof systems can withstand strong storms and hurricanes, they will still endure some form of damage. It could be a loose or missing set of asphalt shingles, tree limbs that dropped on your roof, and more.

In this post, SJ Winn Construction advises homeowners to become familiar with the damage types they could endure right after a windy rainstorm.

Missing Asphalt Shingles

If one of your asphalt shingles goes missing, that means you have the underlayment exposed to the elements. Imagine if a whole section of asphalt shingles went missing – you'd probably need to have them replaced before another storm passess.

Missing asphalt shingles occur due to poor nailing techniques, but keep in mind if the wind is stronger than the manufacturer's estimates, even the best-nailed asphalt shingles will have shingles blown off. It's best to assume that during a strong windy rainstorm, you'll need to replace a lot of missing asphalt shingles with the help of your local contractor.


Windy rainstorms exacerbate the problems already existing on your roof materials before it arrived. Cracks mostly occur due to the moisture trapped inside asphalt shingles – primarily caused by standing water. The more standing water remains on your asphalt shingle roof after the storm, the more it absorbs and can cause long-term blisters that lead to cracking.

Calling a professional local roofer when this happens ensures the roof is free of standing water right after the storm. It also lets the roofers check your roof's overall condition and if it needs repairs or replacements. 

Fallen Tree Limbs

Strong winds despite the heavy rain cause extremely severe damage to areas it impacts. It can rip limbs from their parent tree, causing them to fly in various directions and land on roofs. A tree limb doesn't only cause your asphalt shingle to crack – it can also affect the other asphalt shingles that didn't endure the landing.

Tree limbs contain moisture and are potentially acidic, causing damage to your roof. If left unattended, the damage can crack other asphalt shingles, requiring you to replace them as soon as possible.

Misaligned Sheathing

Picture your roof as a boat sail that's horizontally positioned. When the wind blows underneath it, the upper area billows, causing lift. Sometimes, strong winds can push against your soffits and fascias, creating a passageway for high pressure winds to enter. When this happens, it can push against the underlayment from within the attic, causing damage and shingles to go missing.

Some sheathing are designed to handle high wind classes and can do so with certified installation. However, even these systems will require inspections as they can become misaligned, leading to a rippled roof and a potential risk for structural damage to your property.

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Roofs fail over time because they will deteriorate due to wear, age, and the local weather. Understanding how your roofs get weaker and face more issues is crucial to improving performance. Here are several reasons why you must have it regularly checked or eventually replaced.


Asphalt shingles, the most common roofing material in the country, have an average lifespan of 20 to 30 years. Even well-made products from renowned manufacturers like GAF will have loose seals and rusted nails as they age. If you're curious about your roof's age, you can hire a roofer to inspect and estimate its remaining lifespan.

Poor Materials

Did you invest in subpar market materials because they suited your budget back then? Chances are your roof has started deteriorating in less than five years because of it. Shoddy materials do not have the same level of quality checks and testing as top local manufacturers too. They might be useful during emergencies but don't expect them to last for more than five years at best.

Non-Certified Installation

You should always choose a licensed, insured, and certified contractor to install your roof. Hiring a contractor with long-term experience and certification from a renowned roof manufacturer like GAF gives you a guarantee that your new roof is well-installed and covered under warranty. If you had an uncertified roofer install the system, you could expect it to have a shorter lifespan. You can expect the same result if you were the one who installed the roof, too.

Insufficient Roof Ventilation

Good roof ventilation keeps it dry and free from mold. Unfortunately, some properties, maybe even your own, might have insufficient ventilation for their roofs. Some signs that your roof doesn't release trapped hot air well are increased indoor temperatures and ice dams during winter. You can hire a top local roofer to design and construct an efficient roof ventilation system that releases trapped air and takes in fresh air.

Extreme Temperature Changes

Some areas are much more susceptible to heavy snowfall, high winds, and hurricanes. These events will pull against your shingles and roof structure, so if they're consistent in your area, you can expect your roof to have a shorter lifespan. To ensure it is still intact and can still continue protecting your home, hire a local roofer to examine it after the storm passes.

No Maintenance Scheduling

Roofs need maintenance after winter and before winter arrives. Spring inspections reveal issues that winter has created and let local experts repair them at affordable prices. Autumn inspections ensure your roof is in good shape after the summer storms have passed and ensure it can withstand the harsh winter weather soon.

Preventing Premature Roof Failure

If you hire roofers to inspect your roof regularly, chances are your roof won't have detrimental issues that the weather might worsen. Most failed before their expected end of life because a small inconsequential issue became bigger over time. 

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The roof protects against direct hailstone impact, heavy rainfall, snow, and severe heat. If a small part fails, it can fall apart and cause immense damage to your interiors. This post shows why roof repairs should be a top priority for many homeowners.

Save More on Repairs

Emergency roof repairs are expensive. Roofers must remove huge sections of damaged roof materials and replace them. In some cases, you might have your entire roof replaced if the damage is extensive enough. 

Regular roof maintenance allows roofers to repair hidden damage on your roof. These can appear minor, then worsen when left without professional attention. Roof maintenance repairs cost about 10% of an emergency roof repair and replacement.

Ensure Your Insurance Claims

You might break your insurance or warranty contract requirements if you don't have regular roof maintenance and repairs. Insurers and roof material manufacturer contracts often require homeowners to maintain their roofs regularly to ensure full coverage. 

Typically, insurers and roofing manufacturers ask you to install your roof with a qualified roofer as part of the requirements. They'll likely ask you to maintain your roof with regular inspections to ensure it's working well and roofers can address its minor issues quickly.

Improve Curb Appeal

Damaged roofs can leave buyers with a poor impression. They might also think that your living rooms, bathrooms, and other areas might suffer from neglect. Properties that look great from the curb are easier to sell and highly valued than otherwise, so make roof repairs and replacements a priority if you plan to sell the property in the next few years. 

A Longer Roof Lifespan

A well-maintained roof has a longer lifespan than a neglected one. Addressing any damage ensures it can withstand any extreme weather event. Furthermore, no small damage is severely exacerbated after rainfalls or snowstorms.

Roofers also spend less time on well-maintained roofs. Their inspections and repairs are faster, saving money in the process. 

Common Damage to Roofing Materials

Here are a few explanations of common roof damage on roofing materials.


Blisters occur due to moisture infiltration in the asphalt shingle. These roofing materials expand under hot weather and poor attic ventilation and insulation and absorb moisture from the air. The heat then evaporates the water, which pushes against the asphalt shingles to escape and cause blisters. 


Diagonal splits on asphalt shingles occur due to expansion and contraction. Their adhesive joints start to deform as the shingles age and go through hot and cold temperatures. Once it shrinks, the asphalt shingle will crack diagonally.

Hailstone Impact

Hailstorms can shower roofs with ice debris of varying sizes. Pea-sized hail causes negligible damage to roofs, but softball-sized hailstones can cause blisters and force granules to shed from asphalt shingles. When this occurs, a roofing expert should inspect and address the issue.

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After a hurricane passes your area, you can expect your roofs to have suffered damage to an extent. You might see plenty of leaves, twigs, and debris above it. Roofers might also find hidden damage by tracing them based on telltale signs. To manage your roof's issues after a storm, here are a few things you can do.

Wind Strength

If the news mentioned that the storm had winds ranging from 70-80 MPH, your roof will have suffered damage. Winds at this speed can pull asphalt shingle nails and off the roof. Severe wind speeds can topple power lines and trees. 

Homes with large overhangs will endure much more damage than gable roofs with narrow overhangs.

Furthermore, after your roofer inspects the roof, they might mention having seen torn, curled, and bruised shingles. A large area of damaged shingles may require you to repair or replace your roof.

Hail Damage

The hailstone's size determines the damage it can cause asphalt shingles. Softball-sized hailstones will cause pockmarks on shingles and dislodge their protective granules. The loss of them can cause costly and severe aesthetic and physical damage.

The hailstorm's length determines your roof's damage severity. If the storm lasted for 15 minutes, you can expect pockmarks or pierced roofing materials. To know for sure, call a roofer to have a complete assessment.

Pooling Water

Heavy rains will cause immense water pressure that pushes debris, dust, and leaves to your gutter systems. Clogged areas can cause the material to sag and lip as water tries to push and escape from various directions. Once it lips and goes over, it can soak your asphalt shingles or siding material. Backflows will cause damage to your roofing material, underlayment, and sheathing.

You will need a roofer to unclog your gutters and ensure heavy rainfall flows straight to your downspouts. They will inspect the gutter's structural condition to ensure it functions efficiently before the next storm arrives. 

Limiting Storm Damage After a Storm

Roof Inspections

Your local roofer knows your roof, neighborhood, and local weather better than anyone. They've helped numerous homes in your area for damage. With their trained eyes, they will identify visible and hidden roof damage. They will give you an estimate and have your roof restored to functional conditions afterward.

A roofer's storm damage assessment qualifies as evidence in insurance claims. Include it in your documentation to speed up and maximize the amount you can claim. The roofer will include their assessment of the gutter, vent, windows, attic, and ceiling in the documentation.

Call the Insurer

Insurance companies in your area may respond to their clients faster than national insurance companies. Before calling, have the roofer's assessment on hand and refer to your policy's claims guidelines and necessary supporting documents. 

Most insurance companies will send an adjuster to help you. They may also call local roofers (like yours) to inspect your roof. If you've called the roofer ahead of time, the insurance adjuster will finalize the details of your claim and discuss the schedule of repairs with you and your roofer.

SJ Winn Construction is a trusted name for roofing in your area. We've helped numerous homes and properties achieve high-quality roofing installations and storm repairs. Count on our decades of experience and knowledge to help you in the best way possible. Call us today.

Your roofers can repair your roof if it has minor damage and a few missing shingles. On the other hand, they may recommend re-roofing or replacing the entire system when the damage is much to contain, and plenty of asphalt shingles are missing.

Re-roofing and replacing a roof has different benefits and suitable applications. You can learn about each of them below.


In case of emergencies, re-roofing is the best option. It has its respective pros and cons. Roofers will recommend it because it takes about a small percentage of the time it takes to replace an entire roof.


It's faster to re-roof than replace a roof. Your contractor will nail a new layer of asphalt shingles over the old system. This works much better than wrapping it in tarpaulin because it looks great and fills the roof area's missing and damaged shingles. Furthermore, its labor costs are much more affordable.


On the other hand, re-roofed materials only have a short lifespan and are prone to damage. The moisture from old asphalt shingles that transfer will soften the new shingles, affecting their integrity and performance. The moisture will soon dry, causing blisters, cracks, and splits in various areas of the roofing material.

When to Use

If you want to repair your roof fast and want to use something other than tarpaulin, re-roofing is a good alternative. It may cost more, but it improves your home's performance and curb appeal. However, we strongly recommend having a complete roof tear-off and replacement instead.

Roof Replacement

Replacing a roof is a practical investment rather than re-roofing. The service lets roofers inspect the entire roof system for damage. Roofers will remove all your asphalt shingles. Then, they would check the rafters and sheathing for wood rot and moisture damage. Aged roofs typically endure much structural damage due to moisture, and a roof tear-off restores their performance efficiently.


A roof replacement is the intended way to fix a roof. Roofers can examine the roof structure, ensure it can withstand the new roof material's weight, and replace them when necessary. Then, new asphalt shingles won't absorb any moisture from old shingles that were removed from the roof.

One more advantage is you will receive the material's full warranty benefit. For example, your roof's materials and labor will have full manufacturer coverage. If the roof material has defects or the labor failed due to specific issues, the manufacturer and roofer will address it for you.


Roof replacement has its downsides. The service takes a few weeks to a month to accomplish, making it slower than the week-long average re-roofing replacement period. 

This service is also noisy, especially if you intend to stay in your home throughout the project. You and your family will remain relatively safe during a roof replacement, but the hammering and loud noises can wake you up or disrupt your work in the home office.

When to Use

It is highly recommended to have roof replacements than a re-roof. The service lets roofers check the roof's actual condition and suggest ways to improve and upgrade it. Furthermore, it gives you full warranty coverage and a guaranteed long-term roof lifespan and performance.

With SJ Winn Construction, your roof is in good hands. Numerous houses and neighborhoods in your area trust us because of our dedication to high-quality roofing services. As a GAF-certified roofer, you'll always see top results with our team of professionals, so call us today.

You've heard your roofer mention once or twice that your home's soffit needs repairs or replacements. Unfortunately, they might have difficulty showing it to you because of where it's situated. Some homeowners refuse to repair or upgrade their soffits for the sole reason that they don't know where it is or why it's important.

In this post, you'll learn about soffits and their importance for your home.

What Are Soffits?

Soffits protect your home from water infiltration and are core components of your roof rafters. They give your gutters a surface for secure attachment. They're made from high-quality wood or fiber cement below the roof overhangs. 


Soffits have plenty of benefits for your roofs. They prevent moisture from entering your attic before it passes to the gutter system. They also have small holes underneath that let hot air escape from your roof and take in fresh air from the ridge. 

A soffit system that works well improves your home's energy efficiency. Hot air that escapes from your soffit vents won't descend into your rooms and interiors. Furthermore, it preserves the lifespan and performance of your HVAC and roofing materials.

Materials for Building Excellent Soffits

Your soffit can be made from fiber cement or woo. Each has its respective advantages and disadvantages.

Fiber Cement

Fiber cement uses a wide range of sturdy materials to create a sturdy and long-lasting composite. Because of the way it's made, manufacturers can create various styles, shapes, and visuals that can suit your property's aesthetic. While soffits are barely noticeable from the curb, they're doing a great job if they're not noticeable.


Wood is a sturdy, affordable, and accessible material. It's available from most high-quality lumber suppliers and comes with a wide range of textures and shades. You can also paint wood to make it look subtle under your eaves. That said, make sure the wood is treated against termites and has a waterproof finish. 

Maintaining Your Soffits

Soffits are made of durable material but can corrode and become weak if exposed to incompatible chemicals. For example, spraying water on your vented soffits will clog them with dirt and weaken the material. Wipe it with dirt and dust. Only use mild detergents that can clear dirt and grime without damaging the protective coating. This solution can clean mold and mildew by using a scrubbing cloth with mild detergent, water, and bleach.

Your soffits can have plenty of pests living in them for a long time. It can be the entrance for mice, insects, and birds. They can use the vent passages as entryways to create nests inside your attic. We recommend asking animal control experts to help you safely remove small animals without harm. 

Lastly, have your soffits checked for regular wear and tear. Most roofers usually include soffit inspections in their services. Ask them about your soffit's condition and if you should replace them.

If you need high-quality soffits for your home, have them installed and maintained by SJ Winn Construction. We're a reputable and trusted name for soffit services and everything else roofing in your neighborhood. Call us today to learn about our services.

A beautiful roof is easy on the eyes and makes the home much more photogenic. It shows buyers you guarantee a smooth transition when they buy your property. Furthermore, they have confidence that your home will protect them from long-term extreme weather damage.

Understandably, many homeowners forgo fixing their roofs because it costs a fortune, but the returns are undeniably exceptional. You can quickly sell your home, and your realtors can quickly find you leads. Furthermore, buyers would bookmark your property because it looks great.

Here are five benefits of fixing your roof before selling the property.

Reduced Negotiation Costs

Buyers won't find a newly replaced roof questionable. For example, a new GAF roof system has a 20-30 year lifespan guarantee. Moreover, it would ensure top-notch protection against the elements if a GAF Master Elite roofing company installed.

SJ Winn Construction is a GAF Master Elite company with decades of experience installing the manufacturer's products. The roofs we've installed in your neighborhood last for decades and protect them against extensive storm damage.

Quick-Pass Building Inspections

You'll easily pass a building inspector's requirements with a high-quality system. For example, GAF's algae-resistant system will make your roof last for decades because it won't incur mold and water damage like the manufacturer's average roofing materials.

Building inspections determine if a buyer will push through with their deal with you. If a building inspector deems your property dilapidated and due for demolition, buyers may pull out or negotiate a lower price because they have the upper hand.

Easier Marketing

A new roof has a vibrant color that grabs the attention of potential buyers. A photogenic property is easily noticeable in digital and realtor listings. Buyers may quickly bookmark your home with a new roof as a potential property to buy.

Property marketing relies on images and photos of the interior and exterior. Many homeowners renovate their kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms, and bathrooms to increase their property prices. Successful realtors who have sold refurbished properties highly recommend replacing the roof for easier marketing and finding qualified leads.

Find Better and More Qualified Leads

You want sure buyers with the means to pay for your home. By highlighting you had a new roof replacement, you'll reach more qualified buyers willing to look through and offer a sum for your home. Furthermore, they'll appreciate that the roof can protect them for decades from snow, hail, and rainstorms.

Every village and subdivision has a different set of qualified leads. Affluent villages typically appreciate more interior and exterior renovations. On the other hand, middle-income and low-income neighborhoods have their respective target clients. Catering to their need will help you find buyers willing to purchase your home.

Pass Financing Quickly

Banks and creditors will finance homes that they believe will increase in value over time. A home with a new roof and quality-of-life improvements receive financing quickly. Buyers have more courage to buy a property with an assured financial institution that can quickly help them.

If you need high-quality roof inspections and replacements, you can count on SJ Winn Construction's experienced and well-equipped roofers. We've taken care of and continue to help homes in your area with our top-tier roofing services. Call us today to set an appointment.


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