Newly-purchased asphalt shingles should work like a charm. They're new and haven't gone through drastic hail, rain, or snowstorms. There's no reason for these fresh roofing materials to have waves and ripples across them because you've just had them recently installed. You can expect waviness and ripples from aged materials with about 5-8 years of life.

Allow us at SJ Winn Construction to explain why your roof has ripples or suffers from waves in this post.

Seasonal Transformations

Experienced roofing professionals recommend installing your roofs during the first few weeks of spring but not late into summer. Asphalt shingles will remain in good shape before summer's high temperatures expand them beyond measure. 

Roofers will use proper spacing when installing your asphalt shingles to ensure they expand without causing waves or ripples once summer arrives. They contract enough to prevent snowmelt from permeating the roofing material during winter.

Wind Damage

Tornadoes, hurricanes, and cyclones will cause tremendous damage to your roof. Newly-installed roofs can still suffer from curled shingle edges during storms. In severe cases, new roofs can have a wavy or rippled shape if the wind becomes too strong.

Wavy new asphalt shingle roofs happen due to possible poor nailing or water-damaged sheathing. Nails could dislodge from the sheathing if your roofers did not secure them properly during a strong windstorm. On the other hand, wet sheathing due to water leaks will bloat and deform under the high pressure of windstorms.

Poor Attic Ventilation

Hot air from your interiors will head to your attic and try to escape, especially during the hotness of summer. Trapped hot air will permeate your underlayment, allowing asphalt shingles to absorb. The shingles will increase in size due to thermal expansion, pushing against each other to create a rippled look.

Build ventilation and have attic fans to improve ventilation. The balanced temperature can reduce roof material damage and extend your asphalt shingle's lifespan. Good attic ventilation and insulation improve your property's energy efficiency, too.

Defective Materials

Manufacturers do their best to create the perfect asphalt shingles by having them undergo several tests in controlled and uncontrolled environments. It's part of the high price homeowners pay for what they sell. However, a batch can have a defective product, and chances are you've bought a problematic one if it has ripples or waves.

An experienced GAF-certified roofer in Torrington can determine whether your roof installation, local environment, or batch defect is the main culprit of wavy roofs. Their experience and knowledge give you confidence in making a warranty claim, having your roof replaced, and performing other solutions.

Poor Installation Practices

A GAF-certified roofing contractor fully understands the methods and solutions necessary to achieve top-notch, non-wavy roofing installations. They've studied and passed certifications from the manufacturer, ensuring homeowners and the latter can trust them to install a long-lasting roof.

An uncertified and inexperienced roofer will make mistakes. They might measure the asphalt shingle spacing incorrectly, misjudge the sheathing's water damage condition, or have the wrong equipment and labor for the job. Due to their misgivings, your roof will have shorter lifespans, look wavy, and never provide the manufacturer's promised protection and warranty coverage.

A GAF-certified roofer in Torrington isn't difficult to find. You can always count on SJ Winn Construction to provide top-tier roofing installations, repairs, and replacements. Contact us today to get started.


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