The Benefits of Roof Improvement Before Selling

January 8, 2023

Buyers look deeply into the quality of the roof of a home up for sale. Put yourself in the shoes of a buyer: as one, would you buy a property with a poor roof condition that may break down in the next year or two? Surely, you would not. As a seller, improve your roof before selling the property and benefit from the following.

Attract More Eyeballs

Putting your home with a beautiful roof on an online listing will attract more eyeballs because of its charm and personality. A new roof enormously impacts the entire property's aesthetic. Most buyers will pay extra for a home that will only have them move in and enjoy its benefits rather than buy a more affordable one and have contractors look into, repair, or replace it eventually.

Increase Value

Most real estate agents highlight the roof's capabilities as a major selling point to their buyers. They can mention its brand, the system's benefits as the manufacturer published, and beyond. A roof replacement will cost thousands, but you'll also get higher than your investment. 

Provide Outstanding Protection

Buyers want a home that protects them from extreme weather conditions. There is great value emphasized in having a roof above your head every day. One that won't give you headaches is also valuable because it will lead rainfall straight to gutters, protect against hailstones, and more.

Reduce Maintenance Costs

Yearly roof maintenance can cost higher if the roof has significant damages. For example, a leaking roof with cracked or missing shingles will increase moisture inside the attic and cause mold growth. Repairing this may be much more expensive and cause grave health issues due to black mold.

Improve Energy Efficiency

Prospective buyers want a roof that protects them from the elements and can maintain their home's temperatures in any season. Real estate agents will highlight your roof's energy efficiency. For example, energy-efficient roofs like GAF systems will protect your home from the elements and reduce the need to increase your thermostat settings.

Give Yourself and Your Buyer Peace of Mind

Buyers want a home that will give them peace of mind. Sellers need to sell at a fair price. A new roof solves this problem by attracting more buyers to view your property. A newly installed one justifies a higher asking price because you're selling convenience and peace of mind aside from a house that won't fall apart after a single rainstorm.

We strongly recommend having your roof replaced to gain the following benefits. Make your home greatly attractive from any angle by improving its vibrant colors that show off its aesthetics. Ask your local contractor to learn the best ways to improve your roof before selling it.

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