Why Should You Work With Fully-Insured Roofers Only?

August 7, 2022

A complete roof replacement is an enormous investment. Some homeowners use in-house financing or bank loans to fund their roof replacement if they couldn't save enough cash beforehand. This is why any homeowner will want the best replacement services to touch their roofs. Unfortunately, some would settle for uninsured roofers that many neighbors had referred due to their track record of excellent workmanship.

Uninsured roofers might seem like a cheap and easy fix, but they can cause big and expensive problems later in the project. Their lack of contractor's liability insurance won't give you any recourse for broken furniture or damaged walls during the replacement. 

If an accident happens, your roofer's worker that suffered the accident can hold you liable if they don't have worker's compensation insurance.

We highly recommend working with fully-insured roofers only because they can ensure the excellent condition of the new roofing material before and during installation. A manufacturer who did not certify the roofer you're using immediately disqualifies your roof from warranty coverage. 

Roof material manufacturers only trust certified roofers to do the installation correctly.

Learn more about why you should only work with reliable and fully-insured roofers for your roof replacement.

Contractor's Liability Insurance

The contractor's liability insurance is the roofer's pledge that they will hold their company accountable for any damage to your property caused by their operations while replacing your roof. 

Experienced professionals understand they have extensive knowledge and the right equipment to perform their duties. With this in mind, they know that they've minimized each method's risk to the best of their knowledge, but they cannot eliminate it. This explains why all roofers – including top-notch, certified ones – will always have insurance to protect themselves and you from any expensive liabilities.

All reliable contractors undergo in-depth training and certification programs from manufacturers to qualify for a contractor's liability insurance. Insurers are stringent in their guidelines to reduce the risks involved in every project the roofer does. In addition, certification from manufacturers automatically qualifies all the roofer's installation projects.

Worker's Compensation Insurance

Aside from contractor liability, your roofing company must also have worker's compensation insurance. This ensures the roofer and their employees won't hold you liable for any personal injuries and damages during the roof installation.

Roofing is a high-risk occupation. Worldwide, it is recognized as one of the most dangerous occupations. With this in mind, even experienced roofers take their time doing their tasks and operating equipment to avoid life-changing injuries. 

In most states and countries, the person who owns the property is liable for any accident or injury in their vicinity. Therefore, an uninsured roofer can hold homeowners responsible for their injuries. The homeowners hired the roofers, meaning they are their time-limited employers. 

With a worker's compensation insurance, the roofer takes full responsibility for employee-related accidents. Most worker's compensation insurance includes monetary compensation and hospitalization for the affected roofer.

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