How Does a Roof Boot Help Your Home?

November 27, 2022

Roof boots are protective tools for homes with plumbing vents. These vents improve air pressure inside your plumbing system by removing gas and odor from your home. Furthermore, the vents aid your home by introducing outside air into the system for optimal airflow and drainage of pipes.

A roof boot is a special cover that goes over your plumbing vents. It will stay in place even during the harshest storms. Roof boots will only open from the pressure exiting the plumbing system and close again to introduce a watertight seal.

Damages Your Property Suffers Without Roof Boots

Heavy rainfall can contaminate your plumbing system and cause it to malfunction or work improperly. It brings debris and contaminants from various places that can clog or affect your system's performance. Moreover, it can overflow as the pressure from the plumbing vent pushes the excess water out, flooding your roof.

Plumbing vents may cause damage to your gutters. Clogged gutters will overflow from heavy rain and water from the vent. Even if you had the gutter system cleaned and unclogged, it might still suffer from structural damage due to the strong flow from the vent.

Roof boots prevent your plumbing system from bursting. Heavy rainfall will increase the pipe's pressure, causing an area or more to burst and suffer from severe damage. The burst pipe may also cause water to flow inside the home.

Roof Boots Materials and Lifespan

Roof boots are sturdy and last long. On average, they can last for 10 years. They can surpass this estimate if your roofing contractors regularly maintain and repair them. 

Most roof boots are made from copper, plastic, or lead.

Copper is a high-quality boot material. It is moisture-resistant and dense. Its malleability makes it an easy material to work with. However, it is expensive.

Plastic uses molds to create well-fitted and watertight boots around your pipes. They're sturdy, water-resistant, and can last long. Their only downside is their short lifespan.

Lastly, lead is the most preferred roof boot material. They're durable, reliable, malleable, and they last long. They would require a top-notch roofer to install them safely and effectively.

You may also use custom roof boots, such as a Quarrix Pipe Booth, Bullet Boot, Perma Boot, or Lifetime Tool. Custom boots can cost the same as average ones, but they can also be much more expensive. They may also require specialists who have in-depth experience installing one.

When Do You Need a Roof Boot

Roof boots are important if you have a plumbing vent. You can prevent overflowing rainwater and plumbing damage. Roof boots also improve your home's ventilation with a high-quality roof boot. Ensure they're always working in top condition by having professional roofers check them regularly.

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