How to Maximize a Roofing Company's Services

May 24, 2024

You're greatly investing in every roofing project, so a top-notch contractor should be up to task. However, choosing the best company to work with isn't always cut-and-dry – some may try to rip you off and never give your money's worth.

So, when hiring a company, always make sure to pay attention to each detail below that verifies their dependability, reliability, and overall capacity to accomplish your roofing projects and guarantee value-for-money.

Roofing Material Expertise

Don't hire a contractor who's an expert in metal roofing if you have asphalt shingle roofs. They might say asphalt roofing is part of their service, but it's worth investing in a company that has worked with shingle roofs throughout their years.

Realistically, plenty of roofers are experts in asphalt shingle roofing. But, if you do have clay or slate tile roofs, consider looking for a roofing company specializing in those materials.

Manufacturer Certifications

You can trust a manufacturer to know if a roofing company is worth their weight in gold. For instance, a GAF-certified roofer (like SJ Winn Construction) always provides value-for-money service – GAF itself trusts them to install their roofing materials effectively. That means homeowners with a certified GAF roofer get the full 50-year warranty on the product.

While we are GAF-certified, look for top local roofing material brands and see the local roofers they trust with their product installation. We guarantee these roofers (aside from us) will do a splendid job of replacing your roof or repairing it.

Local Reputation

Fly-by-night roofers just take your money and run away. But, if you have a certified roofer with a great reputation as the go-to roofers in the neighborhood, you're definitely in safe hands. Be sure to ask around or ask the roofer for any references to tell you about their work and how they communicate with their customers.

Paid Half and Later

Typically, a roof project requires only half the cost before it can begin. Roofers do need the materials and equipment to start replacing your roof or installing it. Be wary if a roofer asks you to pay full price at the start – this is unprofessional and most likely criminal behavior as they can run away with your money and never do the job at all.

In some cases, they might do the job, but it's most likely parties that engage roofing projects in this manner cannot install your roof properly. Sure, the initial ask price is possibly 30-40% lower than a reputable roofer's entire pay for the job, but you'll be sacrificing your home's quality and protection.

Timeliness in Every Project

A good roofing company respects time. They will start and end all their projects on the proposed dates. They're much more likely to do so if they're being paid after they achieve milestones. For instance, after having your roof structure updated, they will get paid, and then get paid again after accomplishing the top half replacement.

Post-Project Checks

Excellent roofers also perform in-depth post-project checks. They don't leave their work hanging and make sure they cover all their bases. It's also a testament to their dedication towards excellence and reliability when it comes to customer satisfaction.

Ready to Help You Out Next Time

Lastly, an excellent roofer is always ready to help you out next time. Some contractors have a preferred customer list, especially if a transaction with the customer went smoothly. They keep this list because they would reach out to you after extreme weather events to help you and your home get back up on your feet.

Now that you know what to look for, you can choose to work with SJ Winn Construction or look for roofers with similar principles and traits as above. Call us today or visit our social media page to get started.


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