Maintaining Your Gutters is Essential for Home Protection

April 7, 2023

It's easy to forget about gutters. They look very inconspicuous. However, the good they do for your roof is unmistakable. They ensure heavy downpours head to downspouts and do not overflow on your asphalt shingles or soak the yard. Keep them in good shape with regular maintenance. Here are a few tips to go about it.

Physical Damage

Gutters endure bends, cracks, and deformities over time. Standing water on clogged systems may cause them to sag. You may also need to replace screws detached from the fascia to keep it in place. To ensure you have every gutter section covered, ask a professional gutter and roofer to check for any trails of hidden damage that need immediate repairs.

Extreme Weather Event Inspections

Hurricanes with extreme winds and rainfall will cause damage to your gutters. Twigs and leaves can clog downspouts and various sections. Your gutter guards could loosen and endure dents from hailstorms. Experts can clean and repair your damaged gutter sections and ensure it's ready for the next extreme weather event.

Natural Wear and Tear

Homes in temperate climates with infrequent storms and weather events are still at risk of damaged gutters left unchecked. A yearly inspection by roofers lets them assess the gutter's attachment, current integrity, blockage-prone areas, and more. Then, they would adjust and repair these areas at a smaller cost than an emergency gutter repair or replacement.

Winter Damage

Many roofers receive roof maintenance calls after winter because of the damage the season brings. Most roofs endure heavy moisture damage from melted snow and ice dams during the season's coldest days. Some properties can have hidden roof damage that snow can cause, requiring the experienced and capable eye of reputable local professionals.

Clear Signs That Your Gutters Need Replacement

Gutters can endure severe damage as it ages and endures several weather cycles. Here are some signs your gutters need replacement.

Leaks: Leaky gutters would run water on your siding, causing moisture damage to the siding and foundational walls. The water also saturates your yard, which can eventually introduce water damage to your basement if left unchecked.

Spouts: Spouts on your gutter indicate uncurling or lipping. The formation of spouts and sagging sections are simultaneous. The standing and overflowing water cause detrimental physical damage to the system. Your system may require a full replacement after a contractor evaluates it.

Regular Screw Detachment: Gutter screws that keep on detaching can be due to three things. First, the screws may have lost their threads and need replacement. Alternatively, a fascia with loose threads is the most common issue. Lastly, your gutters may have hidden clogs or have become inefficient in leading water off the roof due to the standing water it usually holds after a storm.

If you need quality roof inspections and gutter replacements, turn to the best in the industry. SJ Winn Construction is a reputable local roofing company that has and will continue to help our neighborhood have the best protection from the elements and the longest property lifespan. Call us today to learn more about what we can do for you.


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