Why Roof Repairs Should Be a Priority

February 10, 2023

The roof protects against direct hailstone impact, heavy rainfall, snow, and severe heat. If a small part fails, it can fall apart and cause immense damage to your interiors. This post shows why roof repairs should be a top priority for many homeowners.

Save More on Repairs

Emergency roof repairs are expensive. Roofers must remove huge sections of damaged roof materials and replace them. In some cases, you might have your entire roof replaced if the damage is extensive enough. 

Regular roof maintenance allows roofers to repair hidden damage on your roof. These can appear minor, then worsen when left without professional attention. Roof maintenance repairs cost about 10% of an emergency roof repair and replacement.

Ensure Your Insurance Claims

You might break your insurance or warranty contract requirements if you don't have regular roof maintenance and repairs. Insurers and roof material manufacturer contracts often require homeowners to maintain their roofs regularly to ensure full coverage. 

Typically, insurers and roofing manufacturers ask you to install your roof with a qualified roofer as part of the requirements. They'll likely ask you to maintain your roof with regular inspections to ensure it's working well and roofers can address its minor issues quickly.

Improve Curb Appeal

Damaged roofs can leave buyers with a poor impression. They might also think that your living rooms, bathrooms, and other areas might suffer from neglect. Properties that look great from the curb are easier to sell and highly valued than otherwise, so make roof repairs and replacements a priority if you plan to sell the property in the next few years. 

A Longer Roof Lifespan

A well-maintained roof has a longer lifespan than a neglected one. Addressing any damage ensures it can withstand any extreme weather event. Furthermore, no small damage is severely exacerbated after rainfalls or snowstorms.

Roofers also spend less time on well-maintained roofs. Their inspections and repairs are faster, saving money in the process. 

Common Damage to Roofing Materials

Here are a few explanations of common roof damage on roofing materials.


Blisters occur due to moisture infiltration in the asphalt shingle. These roofing materials expand under hot weather and poor attic ventilation and insulation and absorb moisture from the air. The heat then evaporates the water, which pushes against the asphalt shingles to escape and cause blisters. 


Diagonal splits on asphalt shingles occur due to expansion and contraction. Their adhesive joints start to deform as the shingles age and go through hot and cold temperatures. Once it shrinks, the asphalt shingle will crack diagonally.

Hailstone Impact

Hailstorms can shower roofs with ice debris of varying sizes. Pea-sized hail causes negligible damage to roofs, but softball-sized hailstones can cause blisters and force granules to shed from asphalt shingles. When this occurs, a roofing expert should inspect and address the issue.

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