Always Use Top-Notch Local Roofing Materials

December 26, 2022

Roofing lasts because of two things: excellent installation and top-tier roofing materials. High-quality shingles have excellent resistance and a full-fledged support system keeping their structure intact through the most challenging storms and extreme weather conditions. That said, if you live in an area prone to weather problems, you need reliable roofing for decades.

Top roofers also play a huge role in the quality of installation. For instance, certified or Master Elite ranking GAF roofers can install the most intricate and comprehensive systems from the manufacturer. With trust from GAF, the roofers can provide warranties that guarantee the performance of the roof system for up to five decades in most cases.

Cohesive and long-lasting systems made by GAF have advanced designs that use various extra roofing components, such as sheathing, ridge caps, starter strip shingles, and more. Here's what you get by working with a dependable roofer.

Complete Roofing System

Roofing systems work with various components acting as protection and support systems. The protection system is made up of asphalt shingle roof, gutters, and coating that adds algae or UV resistance. Next, the sheathing, rafters, leak barriers, underlayments, and ridge caps are the support systems that prolong and ensure the system will last for decades, protecting your home.


Quality roofers and materials ensure the roof is well-installed and can last for decades. By hiring roofers trusted and certified by the manufacturer, they can confidently guarantee your roof's performance for a set number of years. For instance, a GAF Golden Pledge can have a 50-year warranty that ensures your roof will last and have no defects for 50 years facing the harshest weather and the presence of moisture

Quality Labor

Master Elite roofers, GAF's top contractors, have well-grounded practices, all essential equipment, and fully guaranteed installation results. They're trained by GAF to install their roofs in the best possible way. Only two percent of roofers across the US are Master Elite roofing companies, while only a small population of roofers nationwide are certified.

Style and Colors

Variety is crucial to improve your roof's aesthetics and functionality at the same time. Most roofing manufacturers with a high reputation, such as GAF, have a wide range of quality materials with outstanding variety and style. You can choose from various shades of asphalt shingles or have your contractor recommend the best one suitable for your home's existing color scheme.

Approachable and Genuinely Helpful

Reliable roofers care about their local community. They're genuinely helpful, approachable, and always willing to advise you on any areas that may need improvement based on their observations. They started their venture to fill the lack of a roofer in their neighborhood. With this in mind, their values and mission align with the intent of genuinely helping local houses like yours get top-tier roofing services.

If you need a quality roofer, SJ Winn Construction is a dependable GAF-certified roofing company with decades of experience helping the local neighborhood. We have always answered the call for a top-notch roofer that can achieve outstanding GAF roof installations in your area. Call us today for a roof inspection, maintenance, or repair at any time.


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