Roof Replacement Tips: Why Choose a Top Roofing Manufacturer?

October 2, 2022

It feels like an endorsement when a roofer mentions a manufacturer's product. However, it's far from making a sale and getting commission – many roofers across the nation, such as SJ Winn Construction, are GAF-certified roofers. 

Certified and Master Elite roofers from GAF have undergone thorough, detail-oriented training that only a rare few pass. An elite roofer ensures your roof system is properly installed, from its top layer down to the sheathing, ridge caps, starter strip shingles, and more. It is just one of the top reasons to choose a great roofing manufacturer; here are more.

A Complete Roofing System

Roofing manufacturers build an entire roofing system. It's more than just the top layer of asphalt shingles. Roofers ensure that your sheathing, rafters, leak barriers, underlayments, and other important components are installed according to the manufacturer's specifics. In doing so, your roofer ensures your roof is covered by the manufacturer's warranty and has its expected performance.


Less-renowned roof manufacturing companies can provide cheaper materials. Unfortunately, they lack the testing facilities and insight of experienced manufacturers used by numerous homeowners and buildings in your area. As a result, you have a roof that performs well during its first five years – the years after leaving you underwhelmed with its performance.

GAF roofs have a lifetime warranty that protects you from manufacturer defects. Some even have long-term warranties if installed by a high-ranking GAF roofer. GAF's longest warranties are 50 years for some of its durable and meticulously-installed products.

Source: Freepik, Jcomp

Excellent Workmanship

As we've mentioned, all GAF-certified and Master Elite roofing companies undergo rigorous training to ensure they install your roof properly and that the latter performs within the manufacturer's high standards. You can be sure that a certified roofing company achieves the best installation and assurance that it will withstand any extreme weather event.

A Great Variety of Colors and Styles

Other manufacturers can provide plenty of style and color, but reputable manufacturers have plenty of colors to choose from. These include excellent collections of textures, styles, and patterns. For example, GAF has a selection of algae-resistant roofing materials with delicate shades of red, gray, and green with exceptional visual detail.

How to Know If You're Working With a Certified Roofer?

High-quality roofers mention their GAF certification, including their certificate number, on their website or when consulting with them. Master Elite roofers have their badges placed on their website. That said, you can expect other certified roofers from various manufacturers to highlight their certification and experience during your discussion.

To be sure, you can head to the roofing manufacturer's website to check their list of certified roofers in your area. They can also recommend a certified roofer for you if you need it.

SJ Winn Construction is a GAF-certified roofer who has accomplished its rigorous training. We have also helped many homeowners install their GAF roofs in the best way possible for optimal home protection. Call us today to set your appointment or have a free consultation.


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