Should You Replace Your Gutters Along With Your Roof?

March 17, 2023

Roof contractors may bundle your gutter and roof material replacement in a single offer, often at a sweet price you won't find elsewhere. It's tempting to take this offer immediately, but you may save more if you decide not to replace your gutters and roof. Carefully evaluating your gutter's condition, age, and other factors will help you avoid unnecessary costs and tearing down a completely capable system.

In this post, you'll learn about various factors to consider before replacing your gutters and your roof.


See if your gutter is underperforming and needs replacement. A reputable roofer will suggest replacing your gutters with your old roof material because they assume it was installed simultaneously. They may have also inspected and seen signs that your gutter is in bad shape and may not last long during heavy summer rains and extreme snowfall.

To know for sure, you can ask your roofer to conduct a deep evaluation of your gutter's status. Don't let the roofer's suggestion color your decision – let the facts, such as deep gutter holes that caulk or sealing cannot fix or rotting soffits due to prolonged moisture exposure, speak for themselves.


As mentioned in the previous section, you can replace your gutter with your roof if installed simultaneously. For many homes, this is the case. A roof and gutter system about 20-25 years old will need replacements immediately because it is a huge leak risk and will cause significant leaks and structural damage if you leave it unattended.


Receiving a bundled offer to replace gutters and roofing might sound wonderful at first. But, you should consider the cost of replacing roofing materials and gutters individually. Sometimes, the difference between bundled and individual service offers is insignificant, making it better to consult your roofer again the month after to replace your gutters.

Delaying your gutter replacement for weeks or months can be helpful. You can apply for a loan to cover the costs, especially if replacing your gutters before winter is critical. You can also get quotes from other roofers in your area to get a fair price on your upcoming gutter replacement.


Delaying your gutter replacement until after the roofer replaces your roof overcomes several limitations than if you did otherwise. First, certified roofers can only install products from their partner manufacturers. If you prefer GAF roofing systems over the roofer's manufacturer, they can't install that for you – they're uncertified to do so.

Second, roofers may offer the service cheaply because they can source affordable but subpar gutter materials to replace your roof. You might think you're paying less for an efficient system, but the lower cost is likely due to poor materials.

If you need to evaluate your gutter's condition before planning a gutter and roof replacement, call experts who care about your roof genuinely. SJ Winn Construction is a GAF-certified roofer with decades of experience and knowledge in improving and maintaining the roofs of homes in your area. Call us today to learn more about what we can do for you.


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