Should Your Roofing Aesthetic Be a Major Issue?

November 13, 2022

Roofs must look great and function efficiently. A functional roof can look beautiful and appealing. Fortunately, numerous manufacturers always keep these two principles in mind. Still, homeowners can mess it up with the wrong combination of trim and siding color. While it doesn't seem like a huge issue because buyers will still want an excellent roof, its aesthetic should always be a huge consideration.

Here are several reasons why the color, shape, and texture of your roof play a huge role in the property's overall appeal.

Considerations for Looks

A property with excellent siding, trim, and roof color considerations always fetch a high offer from buyers. Buyers want a good roof, but it should look great, sophisticated, and never tiring to look at. Furthermore, a good-looking home's exterior photos are easy to market and find qualified leads.

Here are several considerations for your roof replacement's aesthetics.

Match Environment

Your roofs should match the existing color of your trims, siding, and local environment. For instance, if there are plenty of distant trees, a high-contrast color against leaf green or wood brown can make your property stand out. Choosing the best ones to match your local environment can be tricky, so call your roofer for the best environmental match.

The Perfect Angle

New roofs always make your property look great. Buyers trust homeowners who have replaced their roofs before selling than otherwise. Moreover, you can't take good photos of an aged roof with cracks and splits clearly showing themselves in every shot. 

Realtors can brief you if your existing roof material finds qualified leads. Reliable ones have a network of qualified leads looking for homes with new roofs and are willing to pay a high price for a hassle-free property purchase.

Product Variety

Many top-notch roofing material manufacturers always have a collection of textures that go well with any siding, trim, and environmental color combination. Fortunately, a certified roofing contractor can give you their suggestions and install this roof with full manufacturer warranties. You can also ask them for the best options suitable for your property.

Considerations for Function

A balance between function and aesthetics is a good roofing investment. A roof solely for aesthetics and with no functional capabilities will have a short lifespan. Here are several considerations for a function-oriented roof.

Exterior and Interior Protection

High-quality roofs must look good and provide top-notch protection. It must protect the sheathing, rafters, and underlayment of your roof and drain rainwater to your gutters without causing any leaks. Furthermore, excellent asphalt shingles will protect your home against the entry of heat and UV rays.

Energy Saving

High-quality roofing materials will help lower your heating and cooling costs. Light-colored roofs reflect sun rays, while dark-colored materials help preserve and retain heat. The material you'll use may depend on your local weather condition.

You can count on SJ Winn Construction to provide excellent roofing aesthetic and functional recommendations for your home. Call us today to learn more about our products and services.


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