Things Your Roof Must Endure During Summer

May 10, 2024

In just a few weeks, summer will replace spring. With the hot season incoming, a well-prepared roof will avoid many possible roofing damage that extreme heat brings. However, homeowners must also have ample protection between extreme heat and flashes of heavy rain common during the season.

In today's post, you'll learn all there is about what your roof must endure during summer and reliable methods you can use to keep it in good shape.

High Heat

Temperatures that rise up to 26 degrees Celsius can be a drastic change from the typical cool of most Torrington, CT, homes. A jump of 10 degrees can cause structural changes not just to your cooling bills, but also your attic, asphalt shingles, or your entire property. To combat high heat, consider using roof coatings to reflect excess heat and provide consistent temperatures. Better yet, you can also replace your entire roof with cool asphalt shingle materials.

But it's not just shingles you should think of to lower your roof's heat index.

Hot Attics

Your asphalt shingles make up the top roof layer – the underlayment and your attic makes up the lower layer. An extremely hot attic has heat pushing against your underlayment and the top roof layer. Because of their high humidity, they can cause moisture to seep through and evaporate immediately as they touch your roof material.

Hot, evaporated water can cause bruising on your asphalt shingles, a sure sign you'll find plenty of your asphalt shingles bruising and cracking over time. Have a professional roofer check your soffit, fascia, and entire attic ventilation system to give hot air a way to escape and prevent damage to your roof.

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Possible Bruising and Cracking

Bruising and cracking occurs when trapped water – either from attic humidity or moisture – pushes against the asphalt shingles. It can also happen to any roofing material. The escaping water will loosen the asphalt shingles' protective granules – life-prolonging parts that keep it in good shape for decades.

Over time, you'll see unattended asphalt shingle bruises start cracking and falling apart. This situation becomes more apparent when strong storms and heavy rains arrive – damaged or missing shingles can cause roof leaks by going straight to your underlayment and existing away from your gutters and downspouts.

Heavy Rains

Summer is all about heat, but when there's heat, there's also cool air. Heavy rains occur when extremely hot and cold air clash against each other and create condensation. An unprepared roof is most likely to endure massive damage from heavy rains, so have professionals inspect your roof and address all small and preventable issues before the heavy rains worsen the situation.

Humid Environments

Extremely hot weather in moist areas near lakes, ponds, or even fountains can create humid environments. While winds can blow away humidity and give your roof some 'breathing room,' chances are your roofs have bruises that lead to cracks. If possible, have your roof replaced with humidity resistant materials like metal or tile roofs rather than asphalt shingles – they can handle the humidity better with many anti-rust and humidity coating options.

If you're ready to have your roof repaired or replaced, you can always count on a GAF Master Elite roofing company. SJ Winn Construction is always here to give you peace of mind that your roof is ready for summer. Call us today or visit our social media page to know more.


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