The Benefits of Learning About Your Roof's Age

March 11, 2023

If you've just moved into the neighborhood with questions about the seller's roof, have a roofing contractor inspect it to learn about your roof's age and benefits. Learn more about why you should know your roof's age below.

The Time for Roof Replacements

A timely replacement ensures your home has optimal protection at all times. The timing and material used for the replacement ensure the roof has a long lifespan and outstanding performance. Any wise and helpful roofer would recommend replacing your roof with a system guaranteed to last for decades. Excellent systems from renowned asphalt shingle manufacturers, such as GAF, can provide 50 years of protection against storms and extreme weather conditions. 

Issues You Can Expect

Well-manufactured and installed roofs can protect you against anything, but they will deteriorate in performance as they age. During the first five years of a roof, you can expect it to handle any snow and hail storm with minor damage that local roofers can fix.

By its tenth year, you may notice cracks and splits into various areas of the roof. You might also see missing shingles after a windstorm passes because of the shingle's weakened integrity protecting your home for a decade. Lastly, your roof will need replacement within a year if it has already crossed its 20-year mark.

Warranty Assessments

Pay attention to the manufacturer's terms and conditions. You might have a lifetime prorated warranty, which is usually the case. These warranties consider the age of your roof if it fails before its expected end of life. Thus, a roof that failed within five years can expect a full roof material replacement than a roof that becomes dysfunctional by its 15th year.

Property Sale Investment

Knowing your roof's age helps you decide to invest in replacing it before selling the property. Homebuyers are willing to invest higher in properties with a new roof. It eliminates the hassle and time of having a roof replacement. Furthermore, sellers who go for a roof replacement make it easier for them or their realtors to market the property and find viable leads.

How to Know Your Roof's Age

You can learn about your roof's age through a roof inspection, a roofer's records, or with the help of the local government. If there's no existing roof record with the previous seller and local government, roofers can inspect and estimate the system's remaining lifespan. Otherwise, you can contact your seller's trusted roofing contractor to know about the roof's history of installation and repairs. The local government should also have a record of the property's initial building date.

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