The Benefits of Learning Your Roof's Age

November 6, 2022

Durable roof systems can protect your home for decades. Their freshly installed materials won't wobble, shake, or dislodge, especially if a reliable roofer installed them. With a sturdy roof, you can withstand severe weather for decades. You can even sell your property at a high value with a sturdy roof.

Determining your roof's age is crucial to selling your property at a high value. Here are the benefits of learning your roof's age.

Save Up for a New Roof

Learning your roof's age helps you quickly save up for a new roof. You can quickly save enough cash to pay for a modern roof system. Without an idea about your roof's issues, you might end up with a leaking roof that damages your property's interior and end up paying more to replace your roof and restore your property.

Avoid Issues During a Severe Storm

Your roof's age will leave you vulnerable to storms. 

A new roof can protect you against severe storms. You will replace the asphalt shingles, sheathing, rafters, and other components that reinforce and keep your roof sturdy during the most severe storms. Furthermore, manufacturers guarantee their product's workmanship if you use certified roofers to install your roof. For instance, GAF Master Elite roofers ensure your roof has top-notch warranties that can last for 50 years if you install qualified products.

Prevent Costly Repairs

Old roofs are more likely to suffer from severe damage after a storm than new roofs. Its aged support systems may fail and suffer from structural issues after a severe hurricane or windstorm passes. The asphalt shingles may go missing due to strong winds, and your sheathing may collapse due to severe mold and water damage.

Learning your roof's age helps you time roof replacements. You won't have to go through mold damage and indoor air quality degradation afterward.

Increase Your Home's Resale Value

You can increase your home's resale value in the right areas by knowing your home's age. Buyers will likely consider properties with excellent roofs than otherwise. They feel these roofs will protect them against severe weather conditions for decades. Most new roofs can have transferable warranties, but buyers often prefer a home with a new roof that can protect them for a long time and look great in photographs.

The amount you invest in your roof is helpful because it would ensure you and your realtor will have solid leads who might provide top offers for your home.

Pass Home Inspection Tests

Learning your home's age lets you know if you need to have things inspected and repaired. Home inspectors will evaluate your home's reliability and durability. They will look for insect infestations, mold colonies, rotting wood, health hazards, long-term building issues, and other factors. If they find any major issues in your home, your buyer might think twice about buying your home due to the hassle.

You can trust SJ Winn Construction to learn your roof's remaining lifespan and when to have it replaced. Homeowners in your area trust our team for quick roof replacement turnarounds with outstanding quality and warranty coverage. Call us today to get started.


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