The Importance of Working With Certified Roof Replacement Contractors

December 11, 2022

Roof replacements give you a fresh roof to protect against harsh weather and environmental harm. A sturdy roof can prolong your home's lifespan and increase its value because buyers know its worth. That said, you'll want a top-notch roofer to install a new one for your property. But be sure they're certified, insured, and licensed companies that can perform their tasks properly. Many neighbors may recommend a roofer who has no certification but can install a roof – think twice before hiring them.

Companies who lack the qualifications to install roofs will offer to do the job at a bargain price. They may have the skills of professional roofers or may even be made up of members from a former certified and insured company, but their lack of proper license and insurance will leave you with problems. For instance, if one of their team surfers an accident on your premises through no fault of your own, they can still hold you liable. Without workers compensation, you'll be the one to pay for their hospitalization and personal accident bills.

That said, high-qualified roofers with certification, insurance, and license always offer a contractor's liability insurance and workers compensation.

Contractor's Liability Insurance

A contractor's liability insurance ensures the company will pay for any damage to your property due to their worker's actions. It establishes the roofer's recognition of extreme danger in their occupation and importance of effective training for their team members.

Insurers only cover companies with contractors' liability insurance by asking about their licenses and certification. Well-trained and extensively knowledgeable roofers understand the right way to install the roof, keep themselves safe, and ensure there's zero damage to anything on the property.

Certification from manufacturers gives professional roofers further ways to drive down their contractor's liability insurance premiums. In-depth certification programs, especially at the elite level, reduce the risk of error and any accidents on the homeowner's premises. Plus, certified roofers give homeowners the maximum manufacturer's warranty available.

Workers Compensation Insurance

Contractor liability takes care of any damage to your property, while workers compensation ensures you won't be at fault when a contractor's worker is injured in your home. Uninsured roofers may have you pay for any personal injury that can happen. That said, workers compensation protects homeowners and roofers.

Roofing is a dangerous occupation mitigated by proper training and mentoring by professional companies. Workers compensation is a recognition by your roofer that accidents can still occur despite their safety operating procedures, knowledge, and experience. 

Your contract should explicitly state the name of the company and the homeowner's name. It should mention that the homeowner isn't responsible for any accident that happens to any worker, and then your roofer must write the name of the workers compensation provider that would handle all employee-related accidents in terms of compensation and hospitalization.

You probably want to work with a certified, licensed, and insured roofer at this point. Turn to the best in the business. SJ Winn Construction is a dependable roofing contractor with decades of experience servicing homes in your neighborhood. Our roofers are ready to go above and beyond your expectations. Call us today to get started.


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