Why Do Roofs Fail Over Time?

April 21, 2023

Roofs fail over time because they will deteriorate due to wear, age, and the local weather. Understanding how your roofs get weaker and face more issues is crucial to improving performance. Here are several reasons why you must have it regularly checked or eventually replaced.


Asphalt shingles, the most common roofing material in the country, have an average lifespan of 20 to 30 years. Even well-made products from renowned manufacturers like GAF will have loose seals and rusted nails as they age. If you're curious about your roof's age, you can hire a roofer to inspect and estimate its remaining lifespan.

Poor Materials

Did you invest in subpar market materials because they suited your budget back then? Chances are your roof has started deteriorating in less than five years because of it. Shoddy materials do not have the same level of quality checks and testing as top local manufacturers too. They might be useful during emergencies but don't expect them to last for more than five years at best.

Non-Certified Installation

You should always choose a licensed, insured, and certified contractor to install your roof. Hiring a contractor with long-term experience and certification from a renowned roof manufacturer like GAF gives you a guarantee that your new roof is well-installed and covered under warranty. If you had an uncertified roofer install the system, you could expect it to have a shorter lifespan. You can expect the same result if you were the one who installed the roof, too.

Insufficient Roof Ventilation

Good roof ventilation keeps it dry and free from mold. Unfortunately, some properties, maybe even your own, might have insufficient ventilation for their roofs. Some signs that your roof doesn't release trapped hot air well are increased indoor temperatures and ice dams during winter. You can hire a top local roofer to design and construct an efficient roof ventilation system that releases trapped air and takes in fresh air.

Extreme Temperature Changes

Some areas are much more susceptible to heavy snowfall, high winds, and hurricanes. These events will pull against your shingles and roof structure, so if they're consistent in your area, you can expect your roof to have a shorter lifespan. To ensure it is still intact and can still continue protecting your home, hire a local roofer to examine it after the storm passes.

No Maintenance Scheduling

Roofs need maintenance after winter and before winter arrives. Spring inspections reveal issues that winter has created and let local experts repair them at affordable prices. Autumn inspections ensure your roof is in good shape after the summer storms have passed and ensure it can withstand the harsh winter weather soon.

Preventing Premature Roof Failure

If you hire roofers to inspect your roof regularly, chances are your roof won't have detrimental issues that the weather might worsen. Most failed before their expected end of life because a small inconsequential issue became bigger over time. 

Do you need quality roofers to inspect and maintain your roof? Turn to SJ Winn Construction, a GAF-certified roofing company. As a local expert trusted by many homeowners in your area, we provide top-notch installations, repairs, and replacements. You can count on us for all your roofing needs. Call us today to learn more.


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