Why Should You Know Your Roof's Age?

July 31, 2022

High-quality roofing materials can last for 20-30 years with regular, detail-oriented maintenance. Manufacturers have used the best methods, equipment, and materials to create your outstanding roof. Their manufacturing process also includes an extensive testing phase that ensures all products have consistent performance.

However, even well-manufactured products can suffer from extensive issues as they age. 

Determining your roof age allows homeowners to anticipate damage and prepare for other possible issues accordingly. Learn more about it here.

The Perfect Time for Replacements

Timing your replacement is a great way to avoid water damage to trusses and rafters. Here are the benefits of having timely roof replacements.

Anticipate Possible Age-Related Issues

Old asphalt shingles crack and split typically after 15 years of service. These damage types will compromise the roof's condition and shorten its lifespan.

Cracks happen because of age. Granule loss happens when the roof goes through an extreme weather event, such as cyclones, hurricanes, and tornados.

Asphalt shingle splits happen when the joints supporting the material loosen, weakening the upper layer and taking off years from its lifetime.

Accurate Warranty Assessments

Most roof makers require homeowners to have regular maintenance to qualify for lifetime and labor warranties. Warranties only work when your roof complies with the manufacturer's requirements. The manufacturer will heavily contest or disqualify any homeowners who did not comply with their warranty guidelines.

Old roofs beyond their manufacturer-stipulated lifespan are automatically disqualified from warranties. With this in mind, ask your home seller about their roof's age and ask for documentation to learn your warranty period qualifications before buying the property.

Effective Repairs

Roofers with knowledge about your asphalt shingle's age can accurately diagnose and recommend the best repairs and replacements to extend its performance and lifespan. While they can determine the roof's age for you, it's faster to tell them about the estimate and have them start repairs immediately.

How To Know Your Roof's Age

Here are five ways to know your roof's age.

Roof Inspections

In-depth roofer inspections can reveal the roof's age based on various factors. One, a wider extent of asphalt shingle cracks and splits indicate an older age. Two, your lumber warranty for the truss, sheathing, and rafters can serve as references if they're simultaneously installed with your roof.

Local Municipality

If you need building permits to reopen your home, the local government might have a copy of it. Most municipalities in various areas of the country. 

This method is helpful if you recently purchased a home and the seller has no record of their recent roof replacement.

Contractor Records

If your local government does not have any building records of your property, you can ask the local contractor if they have any records of roof repair for your home. Again, this is helpful if you recently purchased a house with the seller having no record of their recent roof replacement.

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