Should You Fix Rusty Gutters?

April 15, 2023

Gutters aren't the most prominent component of your roof, but they serve an important function. Quality systems direct rainwater straight to downspouts and prevent damage to your roof. But, over time, even high-quality gutters will start to rust due to age. Can you still fix or restore rusted gutters? Yes, you can, but there are a few factors to consider. Let's find out more in this post.


Sanding is useful for gutters with only a few rusted areas. Roofers can sand them away to reveal new layers and use acrylic paint for added rust protection. If they find holes, roofers will fill them in with caulk after the sanding process.

Section Replacement

Rust occurs in areas where water has accumulated for a long time. It can create holes so large that sealing them with caulk won't be effective. Your roofers will propose replacing sections with huge holes to maintain your gutter's efficiency. 

There are many cons to doing this. First, the newly attached sections have weaker sealing joints and screws that cannot match the performance of a seamless gutter. Next, it is a waste of good materials because you'll have to remove the new section after the other areas have significantly rusted. Lastly, the older parts can contaminate the material you just installed.

Full Replacement

Professional roofers strongly recommend completely removing the old gutter system rather than repairing one area. A single rusted section can contaminate the others and has many benefits, such as having full warranties from manufacturers and certified installation from renowned roofers.

Minimizing Gutter Rusting

Here are a few ways to minimize the development of rust on your gutters.

Regular Cleaning

Regular roofing maintenance will remove the pollen, twigs, leaves, and other debris trapped on your roof and inside your gutters. Roofers will also repair any hidden gutter and downspout damage they find, such as sanding small patches of rust and applying sealant if they find any holes.

Roof and Gutter Material Compatibility

Metal roof and gutter materials will sometimes cause accelerated rust due to galvanic corrosion, which occurs when two incompatible types of metal could cause each other to rust by interacting through a conductive material like water or physically touching.

If you're worried about your metal roof and gutter rusting for this reason, you can ask your roofer or builder about them. You can also consult the building records of your property to know for sure or ask your local roofing company to check it for you.

Tattered Protective Coating

Quality gutter materials use protective acrylic coating to lengthen their lifespan and performance. Over time, this may come off and let water touch the gutter's metal surface and accelerate its rusting. Your roofer can sand the rust and reapply the coating if necessary.

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