Storm Damage Management: What You Can Do After a Storm

February 3, 2023

After a hurricane passes your area, you can expect your roofs to have suffered damage to an extent. You might see plenty of leaves, twigs, and debris above it. Roofers might also find hidden damage by tracing them based on telltale signs. To manage your roof's issues after a storm, here are a few things you can do.

Wind Strength

If the news mentioned that the storm had winds ranging from 70-80 MPH, your roof will have suffered damage. Winds at this speed can pull asphalt shingle nails and off the roof. Severe wind speeds can topple power lines and trees. 

Homes with large overhangs will endure much more damage than gable roofs with narrow overhangs.

Furthermore, after your roofer inspects the roof, they might mention having seen torn, curled, and bruised shingles. A large area of damaged shingles may require you to repair or replace your roof.

Hail Damage

The hailstone's size determines the damage it can cause asphalt shingles. Softball-sized hailstones will cause pockmarks on shingles and dislodge their protective granules. The loss of them can cause costly and severe aesthetic and physical damage.

The hailstorm's length determines your roof's damage severity. If the storm lasted for 15 minutes, you can expect pockmarks or pierced roofing materials. To know for sure, call a roofer to have a complete assessment.

Pooling Water

Heavy rains will cause immense water pressure that pushes debris, dust, and leaves to your gutter systems. Clogged areas can cause the material to sag and lip as water tries to push and escape from various directions. Once it lips and goes over, it can soak your asphalt shingles or siding material. Backflows will cause damage to your roofing material, underlayment, and sheathing.

You will need a roofer to unclog your gutters and ensure heavy rainfall flows straight to your downspouts. They will inspect the gutter's structural condition to ensure it functions efficiently before the next storm arrives. 

Limiting Storm Damage After a Storm

Roof Inspections

Your local roofer knows your roof, neighborhood, and local weather better than anyone. They've helped numerous homes in your area for damage. With their trained eyes, they will identify visible and hidden roof damage. They will give you an estimate and have your roof restored to functional conditions afterward.

A roofer's storm damage assessment qualifies as evidence in insurance claims. Include it in your documentation to speed up and maximize the amount you can claim. The roofer will include their assessment of the gutter, vent, windows, attic, and ceiling in the documentation.

Call the Insurer

Insurance companies in your area may respond to their clients faster than national insurance companies. Before calling, have the roofer's assessment on hand and refer to your policy's claims guidelines and necessary supporting documents. 

Most insurance companies will send an adjuster to help you. They may also call local roofers (like yours) to inspect your roof. If you've called the roofer ahead of time, the insurance adjuster will finalize the details of your claim and discuss the schedule of repairs with you and your roofer.

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