High-quality roofs have a long lifespan and can withstand the harshest weather and temperatures. However, its durability and dependability will deteriorate as decades pass. If you see subtle signs of roof failure, ask a local roofer to inspect it. They can help you know the right time to have roof replacement costs.

Most homeowners are wary about the cost of their roof replacement. In this post, we'll show you the factors that typically increase the cost of roof replacement.

Size and Pitch

A large lot size equals a big roof area, equal to a higher-priced roof replacement. Expect a wide-sized home's roof replacement costs to be costlier than a small property with a modest lot. 

Steep roofs are far more expensive; it requires roofers to use special safety and traversal equipment for effective installations. Furthermore, a high roof pitch will also increase the roof area that needs replacement. Your roof's pitch may also increase your roof replacement service price.


Most roofers can give you an accurate estimate for asphalt shingle replacements. On the other hand, clay and slate tiles and metal roofs might have varying costs from different local contractors because they typically have higher prices from most suppliers. Some roofers may give you a low-priced clay and slate tile or metal roof installation because they work with suppliers or manufacturers who can drive down prices significantly.


Your roofing service costs might increase depending on the state building codes and local weather. States with stringent building codes require more permits than roofers need to apply for, and it will take so much time. 

Alternatively, a home frequently facing extreme temperatures or weather conditions will require frequent roof repairs and replacement. Their roofs also need frequent maintenance to keep them ready against possible windstorms or heavy rain.

Essential Equipment

Steep roofs are expensive to install because you'll need contractors trained to handle them and have the right equipment for effective installation. Trained roofing companies will use scaffolding, safety equipment, and other essentials to ensure your roof is well-installed. 

Hidden Issues

A full tear-off roof replacement lets roofers observe the structural components of your roof and recommend replacements when necessary. Aged roofs may have rotting or decayed trusses and sheathing that need replacement. These components may weaken and collapse if left as is before replacing the roof materials.

Roof material manufacturers often require a full tear-off roof replacement to implement the extra accessories of their roof system design. Some roof manufacturers may require ridge caps, new gutters, sheathing, and fascia to protect against moisture and water damage.

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Spring is the perfect time to ensure your roof is in top shape. Winter can severely damage various roof components, leading to premature aging and deterioration. With a reliable local roofing contractor, you can determine your roof's issues and take action as quickly as possible. Learn more about why you should have a roofing inspection during spring in this post.

No Rains and Snow

Rain and snow are disruptive to roofing operations. Roofers can't tread over your roofs safely and securely when it rains or due to slippery snow. During spring, the weather is clear, and it isn't too hot on most days. The contractor can conveniently set up their scaffolding to reach every part of the system for inspections and repairs.

Inspection Hindrances Are Nowhere

Snow and ice buildup could soak your asphalt shingles and cause blisters and cracks during spring. Roofers can easily find hidden damage among the visible ones you've seen after the snow has melted. With an inspection, roofers can also perform minor repairs that restore their performance and lengthen their lifespan. They can also tell you how much life and dependability your roof has left until it needs a replacement.

Be Ready for Summer Heat

Summers can bring in extremely hot temperatures and severe storms that could crack or split your asphalt shingles. Spring inspections and repairs ensure your roof is ready for anything. Schedule an inspection with your contractor to prepare your roof before heavy rains get clogged on your gutters. Roofers can repair and replace damaged shingles and your gutter system to keep your home safe from extreme summer and autumn weather.

Available Contractors

You can find plenty of contractors available to inspect, repair, and service your roof during spring. In this season, some roofers also have discounts for their services to attract more business. The only downside of spring roofing is the number of people you're competing with; many homeowners want to have their roofs inspected before summer arrives. If your favorite local roofer didn't accommodate you, it would be a huge problem.

Suppliers Are Stocked

Alongside roofers, suppliers also know that many homeowners would order high-quality materials and other supplies to restore their roof's functionality. If you plan to replace the entire system after winter, now's the best time to ask the hardware supplier if they have your preferred roofing style and manufacturer. Before anything else, work with a certified contractor to install the roof under warranty.

Tip: You Can Get Winter Roofing Help

Winter might be difficult for roofers, but it doesn't mean they won't provide services. If there's no blizzard or extreme weather, they can inspect your roof on a clear day and perform repairs or replacements where necessary. In some cases, roofers can even give you discounts on their services.

SJ Winn Construction is a reliable roofing company with decades of experience, knowledge, and equipment that can inspect, repair, and install your roofs. Let us help you ensure your roof system works well and handles any difficult weather coming your way. Call us today to learn more about what we can do for you.

Roof contractors may bundle your gutter and roof material replacement in a single offer, often at a sweet price you won't find elsewhere. It's tempting to take this offer immediately, but you may save more if you decide not to replace your gutters and roof. Carefully evaluating your gutter's condition, age, and other factors will help you avoid unnecessary costs and tearing down a completely capable system.

In this post, you'll learn about various factors to consider before replacing your gutters and your roof.


See if your gutter is underperforming and needs replacement. A reputable roofer will suggest replacing your gutters with your old roof material because they assume it was installed simultaneously. They may have also inspected and seen signs that your gutter is in bad shape and may not last long during heavy summer rains and extreme snowfall.

To know for sure, you can ask your roofer to conduct a deep evaluation of your gutter's status. Don't let the roofer's suggestion color your decision – let the facts, such as deep gutter holes that caulk or sealing cannot fix or rotting soffits due to prolonged moisture exposure, speak for themselves.


As mentioned in the previous section, you can replace your gutter with your roof if installed simultaneously. For many homes, this is the case. A roof and gutter system about 20-25 years old will need replacements immediately because it is a huge leak risk and will cause significant leaks and structural damage if you leave it unattended.


Receiving a bundled offer to replace gutters and roofing might sound wonderful at first. But, you should consider the cost of replacing roofing materials and gutters individually. Sometimes, the difference between bundled and individual service offers is insignificant, making it better to consult your roofer again the month after to replace your gutters.

Delaying your gutter replacement for weeks or months can be helpful. You can apply for a loan to cover the costs, especially if replacing your gutters before winter is critical. You can also get quotes from other roofers in your area to get a fair price on your upcoming gutter replacement.


Delaying your gutter replacement until after the roofer replaces your roof overcomes several limitations than if you did otherwise. First, certified roofers can only install products from their partner manufacturers. If you prefer GAF roofing systems over the roofer's manufacturer, they can't install that for you – they're uncertified to do so.

Second, roofers may offer the service cheaply because they can source affordable but subpar gutter materials to replace your roof. You might think you're paying less for an efficient system, but the lower cost is likely due to poor materials.

If you need to evaluate your gutter's condition before planning a gutter and roof replacement, call experts who care about your roof genuinely. SJ Winn Construction is a GAF-certified roofer with decades of experience and knowledge in improving and maintaining the roofs of homes in your area. Call us today to learn more about what we can do for you.

If you've just moved into the neighborhood with questions about the seller's roof, have a roofing contractor inspect it to learn about your roof's age and benefits. Learn more about why you should know your roof's age below.

The Time for Roof Replacements

A timely replacement ensures your home has optimal protection at all times. The timing and material used for the replacement ensure the roof has a long lifespan and outstanding performance. Any wise and helpful roofer would recommend replacing your roof with a system guaranteed to last for decades. Excellent systems from renowned asphalt shingle manufacturers, such as GAF, can provide 50 years of protection against storms and extreme weather conditions. 

Issues You Can Expect

Well-manufactured and installed roofs can protect you against anything, but they will deteriorate in performance as they age. During the first five years of a roof, you can expect it to handle any snow and hail storm with minor damage that local roofers can fix.

By its tenth year, you may notice cracks and splits into various areas of the roof. You might also see missing shingles after a windstorm passes because of the shingle's weakened integrity protecting your home for a decade. Lastly, your roof will need replacement within a year if it has already crossed its 20-year mark.

Warranty Assessments

Pay attention to the manufacturer's terms and conditions. You might have a lifetime prorated warranty, which is usually the case. These warranties consider the age of your roof if it fails before its expected end of life. Thus, a roof that failed within five years can expect a full roof material replacement than a roof that becomes dysfunctional by its 15th year.

Property Sale Investment

Knowing your roof's age helps you decide to invest in replacing it before selling the property. Homebuyers are willing to invest higher in properties with a new roof. It eliminates the hassle and time of having a roof replacement. Furthermore, sellers who go for a roof replacement make it easier for them or their realtors to market the property and find viable leads.

How to Know Your Roof's Age

You can learn about your roof's age through a roof inspection, a roofer's records, or with the help of the local government. If there's no existing roof record with the previous seller and local government, roofers can inspect and estimate the system's remaining lifespan. Otherwise, you can contact your seller's trusted roofing contractor to know about the roof's history of installation and repairs. The local government should also have a record of the property's initial building date.

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Roof leaks are common issues during the rainy season. If you haven't had an expert roofer look into it, your attic can endure water damage and suffer from severe structural roofing issues. In this post, you'll learn about the four typical sources of winter roof leaks.

Damaged Flashing

Flashing damage is a typical source of roof leaks. They're galvanized steel or aluminum strips that cover your skylight, chimney, and other roof structures that don't seamlessly overlap with asphalt shingles. The metal strip lets them overlap with the asphalt shingles and prevents water leaks in your attic. 

Over time, flashing will start to rust and have integrity issues. A regular roof inspection can reveal its problems before they worsen. In worst-case scenarios, roofers can replace the flashing during a routine check before summer rains and the cold of winter arrives.

Cracked or Missing Shingles

Asphalt shingles can endure leaks during winter if their integrity and structure has started to fall apart. Inspectors may ask you to replace cracked and broken asphalt shingles to reduce its vulnerability to leaks. Once again, this proves that roofing inspections are an important part of prolonging your system's lifespan.

Aged asphalt shingles are prone to cracking and loosening. They've lost much of their structure and protective granules. Their material has become so flimsy they easily crack under the weight of normal debris and heavy rains. Most shingles suffer from cracks and splits by the time they're 15 or 20 years old after installation.

Ice Dam Formations

Ice dams form on your roof because it has unequal temperature across the surface. A cold area will freeze the snow above it while hot areas will melt it and infiltrate your roofing material. The most efficient way to solve ice dam formations is by achieving excellent attic insulation to balance roof temperatures.

Roofing contractors can design and build the best ventilation system suitable for your roof. First, they would inspect your attic and check its temperature and humidity level. Next, they would see if air flows in and out of your roof efficiently. Lastly, they would build more soffit and ridge vents to reduce the temperature on your roof.

Extreme Snow Loads

You must regularly remove the snow on top of your roof after a blizzard or heavy shower to reduce the weight it pushes against the roofing structure. The sheathing and rafters used for your roof can only carry enough weight for your set of asphalt shingles; taking extra weight from the snow would damage its structure and may cause it to collapse.

You can hire a snow cleaning specialist to remove the snow from your roof. If you can climb a ladder and stay long on it, you can clear the snow yourself using snow-cleaning equipment. 

SJ Winn Construction is a reliable roofing company that has helped homes in your area with all their roofing installation and replacement needs. We're a company that aims to deliver top-notch service and full satisfaction to our customers. Call us today to learn more about what we can do for you.

Tremors and foundational issues shouldn't affect a roof above your walls and basement, right? Unfortunately, many people believe this is true. Roofs can endure damage during earthquakes and tremors because they will shake and dislodge certain parts that prolong their lifespan and maintain their performance.

Earthquakes and tremors can dislodge small roof components. Roof decking and sheathing foundations connected to walls will collapse and lose their structure due to violent shaking. Aside from earthquakes and tremors, roof decking and sheathing can loosen due to deep-ground excavations, leading to expensive roof repairs.

After your roof inspections, consider having whole-property maintenance. Ask an engineer to check your property's foundations and walls. Basement water infiltration can loosen and weaken your concrete foundations. If left unattended, this can cause your walls to collapse along with your roof. 

Your gutter is another area that can shorten your foundation's lifespan. Flooding gutters will cause heavy rain to flow back on your asphalt shingles or to your yard. The soil will absorb the water, soaking the concrete layer of your basement for prolonged periods. When this happens, have an expert inspect your basement for any damage. You can also call a home drying and cleaning service to ensure your basement is free of moisture and mold growth.

One good way to maintain your basement walls is to have a structural engineer check for cracks, gaps, and moisture damage. If your aged siding had a delayed replacement, rainwater may have infiltrated the concrete walls and weakened their integrity. Have the engineer check for weakened spots or compromised structures that can affect your home and your roof.

Ancestral homes have seen multiple generations of your family. Most ancestral homes have basements in shambles. Have engineers or renovation experts repair or upgrade your basement accordingly. They can turn it into a family activity room, game area, or any facility you need. The renovators will lay down new foundations to support the appliances, items, and furniture you'll place inside. Furthermore, these projects will increase your property's market resale price.

If you're unsure whether it's time to demolish and remake your walls and basement, have renovators inspect their integrity. They know if any new updates have arrived for building codes, so they will check your property and point out areas that violate the regulations. 

Your property's overall age determines whether it's time to have your home reinforced to give it new life. Ancestral properties over 50 will need major renovations and a new roof replacement. As you may expect, this is a very expensive process that you'll need to save up for quite a while. Alternatively, you might find suitable financing from reliable local renovators and roofers.

If you need excellent roof replacements, you can count on SJ Winn Construction to provide top-notch services with satisfying results. Our team has decades of experience servicing homes in your area and only aims to give you the best value-for-money service. Call us today to learn more about what we can do for you.

The roof protects against direct hailstone impact, heavy rainfall, snow, and severe heat. If a small part fails, it can fall apart and cause immense damage to your interiors. This post shows why roof repairs should be a top priority for many homeowners.

Save More on Repairs

Emergency roof repairs are expensive. Roofers must remove huge sections of damaged roof materials and replace them. In some cases, you might have your entire roof replaced if the damage is extensive enough. 

Regular roof maintenance allows roofers to repair hidden damage on your roof. These can appear minor, then worsen when left without professional attention. Roof maintenance repairs cost about 10% of an emergency roof repair and replacement.

Ensure Your Insurance Claims

You might break your insurance or warranty contract requirements if you don't have regular roof maintenance and repairs. Insurers and roof material manufacturer contracts often require homeowners to maintain their roofs regularly to ensure full coverage. 

Typically, insurers and roofing manufacturers ask you to install your roof with a qualified roofer as part of the requirements. They'll likely ask you to maintain your roof with regular inspections to ensure it's working well and roofers can address its minor issues quickly.

Improve Curb Appeal

Damaged roofs can leave buyers with a poor impression. They might also think that your living rooms, bathrooms, and other areas might suffer from neglect. Properties that look great from the curb are easier to sell and highly valued than otherwise, so make roof repairs and replacements a priority if you plan to sell the property in the next few years. 

A Longer Roof Lifespan

A well-maintained roof has a longer lifespan than a neglected one. Addressing any damage ensures it can withstand any extreme weather event. Furthermore, no small damage is severely exacerbated after rainfalls or snowstorms.

Roofers also spend less time on well-maintained roofs. Their inspections and repairs are faster, saving money in the process. 

Common Damage to Roofing Materials

Here are a few explanations of common roof damage on roofing materials.


Blisters occur due to moisture infiltration in the asphalt shingle. These roofing materials expand under hot weather and poor attic ventilation and insulation and absorb moisture from the air. The heat then evaporates the water, which pushes against the asphalt shingles to escape and cause blisters. 


Diagonal splits on asphalt shingles occur due to expansion and contraction. Their adhesive joints start to deform as the shingles age and go through hot and cold temperatures. Once it shrinks, the asphalt shingle will crack diagonally.

Hailstone Impact

Hailstorms can shower roofs with ice debris of varying sizes. Pea-sized hail causes negligible damage to roofs, but softball-sized hailstones can cause blisters and force granules to shed from asphalt shingles. When this occurs, a roofing expert should inspect and address the issue.

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After a hurricane passes your area, you can expect your roofs to have suffered damage to an extent. You might see plenty of leaves, twigs, and debris above it. Roofers might also find hidden damage by tracing them based on telltale signs. To manage your roof's issues after a storm, here are a few things you can do.

Wind Strength

If the news mentioned that the storm had winds ranging from 70-80 MPH, your roof will have suffered damage. Winds at this speed can pull asphalt shingle nails and off the roof. Severe wind speeds can topple power lines and trees. 

Homes with large overhangs will endure much more damage than gable roofs with narrow overhangs.

Furthermore, after your roofer inspects the roof, they might mention having seen torn, curled, and bruised shingles. A large area of damaged shingles may require you to repair or replace your roof.

Hail Damage

The hailstone's size determines the damage it can cause asphalt shingles. Softball-sized hailstones will cause pockmarks on shingles and dislodge their protective granules. The loss of them can cause costly and severe aesthetic and physical damage.

The hailstorm's length determines your roof's damage severity. If the storm lasted for 15 minutes, you can expect pockmarks or pierced roofing materials. To know for sure, call a roofer to have a complete assessment.

Pooling Water

Heavy rains will cause immense water pressure that pushes debris, dust, and leaves to your gutter systems. Clogged areas can cause the material to sag and lip as water tries to push and escape from various directions. Once it lips and goes over, it can soak your asphalt shingles or siding material. Backflows will cause damage to your roofing material, underlayment, and sheathing.

You will need a roofer to unclog your gutters and ensure heavy rainfall flows straight to your downspouts. They will inspect the gutter's structural condition to ensure it functions efficiently before the next storm arrives. 

Limiting Storm Damage After a Storm

Roof Inspections

Your local roofer knows your roof, neighborhood, and local weather better than anyone. They've helped numerous homes in your area for damage. With their trained eyes, they will identify visible and hidden roof damage. They will give you an estimate and have your roof restored to functional conditions afterward.

A roofer's storm damage assessment qualifies as evidence in insurance claims. Include it in your documentation to speed up and maximize the amount you can claim. The roofer will include their assessment of the gutter, vent, windows, attic, and ceiling in the documentation.

Call the Insurer

Insurance companies in your area may respond to their clients faster than national insurance companies. Before calling, have the roofer's assessment on hand and refer to your policy's claims guidelines and necessary supporting documents. 

Most insurance companies will send an adjuster to help you. They may also call local roofers (like yours) to inspect your roof. If you've called the roofer ahead of time, the insurance adjuster will finalize the details of your claim and discuss the schedule of repairs with you and your roofer.

SJ Winn Construction is a trusted name for roofing in your area. We've helped numerous homes and properties achieve high-quality roofing installations and storm repairs. Count on our decades of experience and knowledge to help you in the best way possible. Call us today.

Your roofers can repair your roof if it has minor damage and a few missing shingles. On the other hand, they may recommend re-roofing or replacing the entire system when the damage is much to contain, and plenty of asphalt shingles are missing.

Re-roofing and replacing a roof has different benefits and suitable applications. You can learn about each of them below.


In case of emergencies, re-roofing is the best option. It has its respective pros and cons. Roofers will recommend it because it takes about a small percentage of the time it takes to replace an entire roof.


It's faster to re-roof than replace a roof. Your contractor will nail a new layer of asphalt shingles over the old system. This works much better than wrapping it in tarpaulin because it looks great and fills the roof area's missing and damaged shingles. Furthermore, its labor costs are much more affordable.


On the other hand, re-roofed materials only have a short lifespan and are prone to damage. The moisture from old asphalt shingles that transfer will soften the new shingles, affecting their integrity and performance. The moisture will soon dry, causing blisters, cracks, and splits in various areas of the roofing material.

When to Use

If you want to repair your roof fast and want to use something other than tarpaulin, re-roofing is a good alternative. It may cost more, but it improves your home's performance and curb appeal. However, we strongly recommend having a complete roof tear-off and replacement instead.

Roof Replacement

Replacing a roof is a practical investment rather than re-roofing. The service lets roofers inspect the entire roof system for damage. Roofers will remove all your asphalt shingles. Then, they would check the rafters and sheathing for wood rot and moisture damage. Aged roofs typically endure much structural damage due to moisture, and a roof tear-off restores their performance efficiently.


A roof replacement is the intended way to fix a roof. Roofers can examine the roof structure, ensure it can withstand the new roof material's weight, and replace them when necessary. Then, new asphalt shingles won't absorb any moisture from old shingles that were removed from the roof.

One more advantage is you will receive the material's full warranty benefit. For example, your roof's materials and labor will have full manufacturer coverage. If the roof material has defects or the labor failed due to specific issues, the manufacturer and roofer will address it for you.


Roof replacement has its downsides. The service takes a few weeks to a month to accomplish, making it slower than the week-long average re-roofing replacement period. 

This service is also noisy, especially if you intend to stay in your home throughout the project. You and your family will remain relatively safe during a roof replacement, but the hammering and loud noises can wake you up or disrupt your work in the home office.

When to Use

It is highly recommended to have roof replacements than a re-roof. The service lets roofers check the roof's actual condition and suggest ways to improve and upgrade it. Furthermore, it gives you full warranty coverage and a guaranteed long-term roof lifespan and performance.

With SJ Winn Construction, your roof is in good hands. Numerous houses and neighborhoods in your area trust us because of our dedication to high-quality roofing services. As a GAF-certified roofer, you'll always see top results with our team of professionals, so call us today.

If you need a New Year's resolution to keep your roof in good shape, never neglect your gutters. These systems are barely noticeable in residential and commercial roofs, but they're crucial in prolonging their lifespan and exposure to moisture. Here are several reasons to always pay attention to your gutters and make them a New Year's resolution.

Water Damage

Gutters must send rainwater straight to your downspouts to keep your roof free from moisture and damage. Blocked gutters will cause overflow on your roof material and leak to your attic, sheathing, and rafters. These foundational components may deteriorate due to moisture and collapse under the roof's weight. That said, you could save thousands of dollars by having regular gutter inspection and maintenance.

Cracked Foundations

Concrete foundations in your property may soften due to moisture exposure. Gutters will cause water to overflow into your yard and surround your home's concrete foundation. Over time, the concrete may weaken and cause your ground floor to sink and collapse. With excellent gutter maintenance – without clogs and issues – you will save plenty from gutter damage and concrete water exposure.

Remove Pests

Clogged gutters can breed pests like mosquitoes and water gnats that would enter your property. These can bring diseases and contaminate your food. With clean gutters, you can be sure water will always flow straight to downspouts and eliminate the risk of infections.

Roof Protection

Clogged gutters will cause damage to your asphalt shingles. They would flow over your roof and soak them. The moisture absorbed by your shingles could cause blisters once the sun heats the roof material. Furthermore, your soaked sheathing will start deforming and warping over time if left unattended.

Fascia Damage

Your fascia will endure damage because of prolonged standing water on your gutters. The weight will push against the gutters and dislodge the screws and the nails on your fascia. If left unchecked, the material will detach against the fascia. Your roofers can hammer the nails inwards again, but it will cause your fascia to have loose screw threads.

Preserve Your Garden

Overflowing gutters will destroy your well-tended yards and gardens. It costs hundreds to thousands of dollars to restore your yard and garden, especially if you need to keep up with HOA guidelines. With regularly maintained systems, you won't have to call a landscaper to restore your garden beds.

Curb Appeal

Want to sell your property at a higher price? Keep your gutters in good shape. It would keep your siding free from brown and rust stains, plus your yard is always in good shape. You can have your roofer repaint your gutter to let it blend in and improve your home's exterior aesthetic even further.

Need high-quality residential roofing and gutter inspections? SJ Winn Construction is a reliable roofing company with decades of knowledge and experience with a reputation for repairing, maintenance, and installation services. Your neighborhood and many homeowners associations in your area trust our level of professional services. Call us today to learn more.


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